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Bally Minute # 3

  I have a couple things to touch on today…Being in Columbus, Ohio and having to start throwing is a little difficult.  I mean unless you have some snow cleats that break through ice, you are probably going to have to throw indoors somewhere.  So I am lucky enough to be able to throw at the indoor football facility at Ohio State, and let me tell you, it is really top notch.  So every other day my throwing partner, Mike Barber, and I go there to throw and usually have no problems doing so.  Well the other day was a little different.  We walked in and there was a sign that said “Ohio State Football Personnel Only – No Cameras Allowed,” so obviously the team was practicing for the game coming up against Texas.  So we just kinda sat there and watched the practice for about 15-20 minutes and most of you reading this are probably thinking well why is this so cool and why would you waste a blog on it,well to all those people who are thinking that heres why: I’m a sports nerd and I really appreciate watching, listening, attending, and learning about all sports.  I really have so much respect for athletes and I really enjoy watching them perform, so being able to watch an elite program such as Ohio State practice when most people don’t get to ever see that, was a special thing.      



So now to the main event…This morning Christian (my brother in law to be) and I go to the YMCA to play catch, and we are thinking we will go to the basketball court inside (because there’s 3 inches of snow on the ground) and there will be no one in there and we will throw and get out.  Wrong.  Let me tell you something else its 6 AM and we walk in and theres a full on 5 on 5 basketball game going on.  Not only are they playing at 6 AM but all their shirts were soaking wet with sweat so they had to been playing for at least an hour before we got there.  So thats my first problem: Who ARE these guys who get up before daybreak to hit the Y for a basketball game?!  And let me fill you in with another thing these guys aren’t in the 25-30 age range, these guys are grown men I would say 32-60 range and thats not the problem I see in this.  See, I think it’s great that these guys are going to the Y at 4am, but what I didn’t get  is why these guys were treating this break-of-dawn pick up bball game like the NBA Semi-Finals.  Getting mad when they miss a 28 footer.  Kicking the ball against the padded wall panels like Adam Vinatieri in his prime when they fumble a no-look pass.  I mean come on.  Obviously there was “That Guy” on the team thats about 28 and while everyone else is just trying to have a good time, this guy is hogging the ball, calling out his teammates when they miss a foul shot, and in his head he has a full on count of how many points, assists, rebounds and fouls eveyone else has.  So my advice is just have a fun friendly game of basketball and leave the kicking to Adam Vinatieri.IMG_3425.jpg
Listen to Jim Rome’s Rant on the different Softball Guys- it’s hilarious.

Top 5 songs of the week for me
5-Through fire and flames- Dragonforce 
4-Im yours- Jason Mraz
3-Afterlife- Avenged Sevenfold (Huntington Beach Highschool Alums)
2-Dont bring me down- Electric Light Orchestera
1-Hell Yeah- Rev Theory
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