WOW, Im Bad

Its been so long since my last blog, I kinda forgot how to do this haha. Anyways hows everyone doing, Im still just plugging away here in Syracuse. It has been an up and down season so far and I mean I started off pretty slow and really had to work hard to get out of that funk I was in. Personally I have been working on my mechanics so that I could stay taller as I deliver the pitch and make the ball have more of a down ward angle on it, so that is the thing I have been working on and the last 5 or 6 starts it has been working out and I feel great doing it now. As for this team man I really cant say that I have had more fun with any other team, this group of guys here are a lot of fun and we have been winning so thats always a plus. other than that so far I am just focusing on baseball and the wedding this off season and having a blast doing both : ). Well I know that this isn’t much since I haven’t blogged in over 2 months but I will try to do a better job, i cant keep making the excuse that I’m super busy haha. Plus Its my birthday so Happy Birthday to me haha..

Bally Star

R.I.P Nick Adenhart

  This blog goes out to the Adenhart’s in this tough time, I know that this is late but I just wanted to write a blog and tell you how this tragic time has touched ball players everywhere.  I can only talk for our team, we were all watching Sportscenter and getting ready to watch the Masters and to start our season, not even knowing what happened in Anaheim the night before.  When the news passed threw the bottom line that morning our whole team couldn’t believe the horrible news, the shocked look on everyones face with that gloss in all our eyes.  I don’t think one person on our team new Nick on a personal level but it felt like we all did that day, he was a part of our baseball family and it felt like that we lost one of our family members.  I mean as a human being you don’t ever like to hear about anyone die or anything like that but when it happens like this it really hits home.  So our prayers go out to the Adenhart’s and to all the other 3 family’s involved.  



Hey guys, sorry that it has been so long in between blogs, I have been pretty busy and have lots of stuff to write about now so this could be a good thing (haha). I will be writing a nice blog tonight about the end of spring training, on the ride up to Syracuse, and on my thoughts of this team and how we are gonna do this year. So just hold back just a couple more hours and I promise a good blog tonight.


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I was thinking…..

I was thinking, and thats not always a good thing. (haha!) Since I have become a “Blogger” I have been half and half talking about baseball, and fun times off the field that have nothing to do with baseball or anyone involved, well today I want to talk about and try and get some feedback from everyone here on what they think because everyone calls me an idiot when I bring this up. Ok so one day I woke up and looked outside and there was no clouds in the sky, looked like it was going to be just a beautiful hot and sunny day right, wrong I went outside and it was freezing cold and I’m talking sun was shining like no other. Then on other days you could go out and its overcast and its warmer outside. So this brings me to my conclusion, I said that the clouds on an overcast day serve as like a blanket and the sun heats them up, therefore making us underneath the clouds feel warmer, but everyone just laughs and says I’m wrong. I might have to bring in Bill Nye the science guy and thats fine. But why does it seem to be colder on days when the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky and warmer on the days where its more overcast? Don’t get me wrong, I am no scientist, and I have had my fare share of times when I argue about things I have no clue about and think they are right and I end up being wrong, I just want to see some paper work on this topic. Is that so much to ask, so thats what’s going on at Spring Training 2009. Have a good one.


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Here I am

Hey everyone, how’s everyone doing, I hope good. Well the search party found me and told me to keep writing blogs. Spring Training is now going in full force, this year is a little different than last, its a little different playing teams that have all there players at the WBC, but on the other hand its a lot of fun to watch the WBC so its a win win I guess. We have been playing well this spring, we have some really good pitchers and some really good hitters, everyone can feel the competition and I really think that its bringing the best out in all our players. We have a game tonight at 7 so it was nice to be able to sleep in a little ( 9 o’clock). Other than all this there is really nothing else going on so far, I will keep this updated, I just didn’t want to because I thought it would be boring to read about this stuff, but ill try my best to post every 3 days even tho not much is going on. I just don’t want to leave you guys hanging.

By the way those 4 people who won the contest can you please send me your email address and we will get in contact with you to get the prizes sent out to you. Thanks
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Best Beard

So I was talking to Mike Hinckley the other day and he comes up to me and says “can you grow a beard Bally,” I said yes I can and yes I have before, he then goes on to tell me that he had the “Sickest” beard of all time this offseason. I have been known to grow a pretty sweet beard myself, so you guys be the judge.

Mike Hinckley

Spring Training

 Well as all you guys know by now Spring Training has started and it has been

a little while since I have written a blog.  Yes, I have been pretty
busy and I am tired when I get home but that's no excuse (haha).  Anyway, Spring
Training has gone great so far.  I have had a blast seeing all the guys and
meeting all the new guys this year, we really have a great bunch of guys this
year and I'm super excited to get these games rolling so we can get this season
under way.   The first couple days of camp we did the normal stuff: you know
physicals and all the running tests and all that stuff, to see if we
were all ready coming into spring.  After the Spring Training speech from Manny
we finally got to the playing part of the game, which all of us do best.  Some of
the guys that I have been talking to and hanging out with on and off the field
are Luke Montz, Jordan Zimmermann, John Lannan, Ryan Zimmerman, Nick Johnson,
Mike O'Conner, Joel Hanrahan, Tyler Clippard, Ian Desmond, Clint Everts, Brian
Peacock, Devin Ivany, Fast Eddie, and Bailey (Lannan's dog).  I mean there's more
but hey, I can't list everyone on the roster.  This Spring really has a different
feel to it.  There is a lot more energy and just different attitudes going around,
everyone here belives that we are a good team and that last year is over and
that we are going to win this year.  It's an awesome feeling to be a part of this camp.

   Some of the other things going on around here is  just a lot of media stuff.  Next week we start games so that's another thing
to look forward too.  Besides that, everything else right now is going real smooth,
my arm feels great and it's really great to see that this whole team is healthy
and ready to start this 2009 year off with a bang.  Also it's great to see all
the fans out here.  I mean there has been a lot of people coming everyday, even
in this freezing cold weather ( 45 degrees haha).

  Also if you haven't filled out your Oscar poll: you have 'til tomorrow to do
it.  I will be keeping up with this every 2 to 3 days, no more going 2 weeks without
blogging.  Also, check out this thing I did with Ron Jon Surf Shop the other day, it was pretty fun to do.

New Blog

Im sorry for leaving everyone hanging out there but tomorrow I will be posting a new blog. I know its been a long time and I will try and keep up on a day to day basis. But Spring Training is going great and I will have more to report tomorrow, sorry again everyone.


Number 49

Well, I got a call this morning from our clubhouse manager, and he says “Hey Bally, Daniel Cabrera’s agent wants to know if he could have number 40. So I was thinking dang I would really like to keep number 40, that was my first number given to me, and kinda wanted to keep 1 number my whole career, but also thought to myself Cabrera is a veteran and I’m a rookie and this number probably means more for him to have it than for me to keep it so I said ok. So this year I will be number 49 and lets hope that it brings lots of good outings.

Bally Star