WOW, Im Bad

Its been so long since my last blog, I kinda forgot how to do this haha. Anyways hows everyone doing, Im still just plugging away here in Syracuse. It has been an up and down season so far and I mean I started off pretty slow and really had to work hard to get out of that funk I was in. Personally I have been working on my mechanics so that I could stay taller as I deliver the pitch and make the ball have more of a down ward angle on it, so that is the thing I have been working on and the last 5 or 6 starts it has been working out and I feel great doing it now. As for this team man I really cant say that I have had more fun with any other team, this group of guys here are a lot of fun and we have been winning so thats always a plus. other than that so far I am just focusing on baseball and the wedding this off season and having a blast doing both : ). Well I know that this isn’t much since I haven’t blogged in over 2 months but I will try to do a better job, i cant keep making the excuse that I’m super busy haha. Plus Its my birthday so Happy Birthday to me haha..

Bally Star


  1. calsgr8

    Happy Birthday Collin! I heard you pitched a great game on your birthday. I couldn’t help but notice when they put your picture and Stats on the huge scoreboard at NATS PARK.

    Also, Spinman keeps us posted with your progress on another message board.

    Keep up the good work!!!!

  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    Happy Birthday. Good to see that you’ve reeled off 3 straight wins and 5 straight solid outings in Syracuse.

    Interesting technique change, I’m that it is working. Ricky Romero of the Jays had problems with that early this season as well. Brad Arnsberg (a very well respected pitching coach by now) told him to always remember to show his numbers to homeplate, making sure that he is in a more upright position … as you said.

    Keep throwing down that thunder, Bally and continued success.

  3. treblekicker

    it’s great to hear from you bally! i was starting to worry that they weren’t going to let you post until you got called up 🙂 anyway, happy (belated) birthday!we’ve been checking the chiefs line scores from time to time and it’s been great to see your new technique translate to wins the past few weeks. keep up the good work, and we hope to hear from you again soon (or at least before august!).-rob

  4. amy42

    Happy birthday! Glad to have you back posting – we missed you! Keep up the good work in Syracuse – sounds like you’re having a good time. Hopefully, us DC residents will get to see you pitch in real live person before too long.

  5. berndaddy

    Happy B-Day Bally!!! Boy we missed you here! I like the rest have been following your Syracuse lines and hoping and praying for better and seeing the better come from you. Good work, bro! Next post you got to let us know how the wedding plans are going and how your bride to be is doing. You got to let us know how Syracuse is as a City and more importantly when we can see you in DC. Take it easy or really take it any way you can get it.



  6. spin man

    Bally! Niiiice of you to finally let us know whats goin’ on! LOL
    We are all excited about your wedding coming up.
    Also congratulations to your Bride to be, on her Graduating from ” The Ohio State Unversity” *** Laude! Niiice! It is awesome you not only Picked a beautiful girl for your wife but a smart one too!! She must have had great parents!! LOL!!

    Will you be sharing anything about your wedding when the time comes? Inquiring fans want to know!
    Keep up the great job and we all hope to see you soon in DC.

  7. natsfanme

    Hope you had a great B-day, I’ll bring you some Moxie to make your day complete. See you in July hopefully in DC.

  8. section138

    Colllllin, bro…

    I had stopped checking your blog, so I’m late to this post.

    Ditto what everyone else said above (b-day, fiance’s graduation, etc.).

    I have a question for you, though… Who changed your mechanics? Was is McCatty? Or was it something St. Claire had mentioned previously? Along the same lines, how did you feel about Randy St. Claire? Were you sad to see him go?

    Okay, bro… Hope to see you (and maybe Clippard and JD) up in DC soon.

    I also haven’t forgot about you owing me a prize for winning (well, a 4 way tie) your Oscar contest! Be well, bro.


    Good luck Collin. I drafted you in my PC baseball league this past spring and have been following your progress. I know that you have the talent, poise and attitude to succeed. Your fans are rooting for you!

  10. treblekicker

    i hope things go well for you tonight bally (good pitching on your behalf and some run support and solid defense from your teammates)! i wish we were in town to see you pitch.-rob

  11. spin man

    Go get em’ , Bally. You are due for a great outing tonite against the Boooowers! LOL!! Go Nats! Go Bally!

  12. treblekicker

    great outing on both sides of the ball tonight bally!congrats on your first of what should be many curly ‘w’s this season :)-rob(now watching your post-game interview w/ debbi…well done!)

  13. italoamericano

    Can’t be one of those glass half-empty types?

    Bally you should spend some time perusing Brian Oliver Nationals’ Farm Authority blog. If you did I think you might find that most all of the guys your age are playing A and high A ball at best. You’ve done pretty well. In fact better than every other prospect. So, maybe you should accept the compliment and try not to drop into anymore “funks”? Really appreciate how far you’ve come. Look at your teammates Jorge Padilla, and JD Martin. I bet no one appreciates ending up in the club house of the last of all the last place teams more than they do. Its been said that when in situations you can’t control, there is always one thing you can control: your attitude. And that is what sets the Nats apart from most other teams I think … and what will lead to a dozens of wins in the end.

  14. calsgr8

    Hey Bally,

    Well another season is done. How about a little more talk, now that there’s a lot less action?! LOL. Are you in the AFL?

    Will you be going back to Ohio after all this?

    Talk to me!

  15. treblekicker

    bally, congrats! how was the wedding? it was sometime in october, right? i heard spinman was tearing up the dancefloor. :)anyway, wishing the best to you and ashley as you start your new life together!hope you’re still out there somewhere, thinking about your next blog post.cheers,rob

  16. treblekicker

    happy new year everyone! i’m hoping for great things for the nats and bally (and hoping that this blog is resurrected)!we’re heading down to viera in a week to see the first 3 space coast stadium games, hopefully collin will be taking the mound for one of those games. and maybe i’ll finally get that game-worn cap (time for another oscar contest?).go nats!-rob

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