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Bally Minute # 2

   Well lets see its been a couple days since my last Bally’s minute, so other than just lifting weights, throwing, and crushing people in Ncaa Football online not much new.  But one thing thats new is a song that has really been pumping me up while im lifting and I have been listening to about 35 times daily.  Its called Just Dance by Lady GaGa and Colby O’Donis, I need everyone that looks at this blog to go download it well actually go to ITunes and buy it so you dont get in trouble (haha) its a great song and im thinking about using it as my come out song when I hit.

   Also Ryan Zimmerman, Arron Boone, Nick Johnson, and last but not least John Lannan 


 made the cut this week, after that first week of Ballys minute who would have known that my phone gets blown 
up by these guys haha, so they all read my blog after all.  But yeah ill touch base on all them cause I mean they made it right?  Zimmerman Aka Zim, I mean if you dont know about him then you dont know anything at all. this guy is the best third baseman in the league and one of the cooler guys too.  Boone, this guy right here you can never tell if hes playing around with you or if he likes you or hates you haha, he came up to me one day and little did I know that him, Nick, Lo Duca, and Kearns were all in on this, so he comes up to me and says why were you going through my locker and I was up for about 2 weeks at this point, so I was nervous and to make a long story short he said he had a camera on me the whole time  and that I better just say I went through his locker or else haha.  So hes a jokester and I hope he signs back with us.  Everyone already knows about Nick so I dont have to go there unless he does something out of the blue to me.  Lannan, the one guy that since AA where I was looking out for him and showing him the ropes, then all of a sudden he went to AAA before me and the big leagues and he was there for me and showing me the ropes, so Lannan and I are pretty close.



Let me know what you guys think of this new thing im doing. If you think its dumb,boring, stupid or cool,funny,interesting, just let me know because I want feedback either way. Thank you everyone I hope you enjoy
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