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Bally minute # 7

    Well it’s been a little while since I wrote my last Bally Minute and I have had this one issue going through my mind for some time now.  Now all of you out there know that I like to play video games.  I really enjoy getting online and playing other humans, you know it’s quite fun.  I really like to play Madden 09 online.  When I first started playing I stunk really bad, but now that I have been practicing and getting better I can actually beat people and it makes me feel real good about myself. (haha). But here’s the problem I have with playing online; see the younger kids (you know them, the ones with the real high pitched voices)  so now a day all that these kids want to do is win.  Hey there’s nothing wrong with that but when I am beating them and they quit the game early and I don’t get the win and they don’t get the loss that’s where I start to get upset.  I mean, come on, suck up your pride and just take the loss, like I have many of times, I know everyone out there that does play online knows what I’m talking about.  Now people out there are going to read this and think to themselves, “Geez Bally are you some kind of nerd?” NO! I’m not.  So I like to play some games after a long day… Sue me!  It makes me calm, unless I lose haha.  So I hope someone from Playstation reads this and does something about these kids that cheat and ruin all the fun.  I’m really glad I got this off my chest.

-Syracuse blog will be up tonight.
-After the Super Bowl I will crown the Winner of the prizes.
-Trying to get a special guest on here that I will ask questions to, should be fun.
-Also I will be giving an inside look on how to make a surf board. Really cool.


-And a blog about long toss, and a program that has helped out my career so much.  
So that’s a few things for you guys to look forward to.  If you guys want to give me ideas on stuff you want me to write about, I would love to hear it. (unless you like hearing about my love for video games haha)
 Have a good one guys. 
Bally star