I was thinking…..

     I was thinking, and thats not always a good thing. (haha!)  Since I have become a “Blogger” I have been half and half talking about baseball, and fun times off the field that have nothing to do with baseball or anyone involved, well today I want to talk about and try and get some feedback from everyone here on what they think because everyone calls me an idiot when I bring this up.  Ok so one day I woke up and looked outside and there was no clouds in the sky, looked like it was going to be just a beautiful hot and sunny day right, wrong I went outside and it was freezing cold and I’m talking sun was shining like no other.  Then on other days you could go out and its overcast and its warmer outside.  So this brings me to my conclusion, I said that the clouds on an overcast day serve as like a blanket and the sun heats them up, therefore making us underneath the clouds feel warmer, but everyone just laughs and says I’m wrong.  I might have to bring in Bill Nye the science guy and thats fine.  But why does it seem to be colder on days when the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky and warmer on the days where its more overcast?  Don’t get me wrong, I am no scientist, and I have had my fare share of times when I argue about things I have no clue about and think they are right and I end up being wrong, I just want to see some paper work on this topic.  Is that so much to ask, so thats what’s going on at Spring Training 2009.  Have a good one.


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  1. juliasrants

    YOU ARE CORRECT! The clouds act as a blanket – and prevent (science content coming up!) Radiation Cooling! “Maximum cooling of the ground occurs under clear skies with a light wind.” So tell them they are wrong!


  2. neantoga

    The fact that you are right is good, but the fact that you are finding ways to pass the non-baseball time without going totally nuts with boredom is also good. I can imagine that the grind can be a snooze sometimes. I am sure that a lot of good science started with simple observations like that when there was nothing better to do.

    Have fun, kick butt your next start.

    Positively Half St. (+1/2St.) from other Nats blogs

  3. stephb

    You’re right Bally! I’ll let Julia handle the science content, all I know is my dad told me the same thing, and although he’s fibbed to me before (like telling me that Buzz VI built Hadrian’s wall) I was pretty confident about the veracity of the cloud statement even before Julia provided the evidence.

    Good luck with the rest of Spring Training and the regular season!

  4. redbirdchatter

    Love Bill Nye! You are right on this one. The clouds hold in the heat. The cloudless nights in the winter are frigid. But there is a point where only so much heat can escape. Summertime in Oklahoma is hot, no matter how thin the cloud cover. If you are questioned on these facts, just tell them you read it on Wikipedia…I’m sure it’s there…everything is.

  5. diamonddiva

    It’s not just daytime clouds that keep temperatures warmer. Cloudy nights, particularly during the winter, are always cooler that clear nights. I have no scientific explanation for that…I’ve simply noticed that it’s true! LOL

  6. bally

    what can I say, I did my homework in highschool haha

    nice to see 2 comments from my highschool coach Justin Whitcomb nice name by the way haha classic


  7. scooter243

    I have always wondered this as well. It seemed like the mornings i went to school early and there wasnt a cloud in the sky, were always colder then the ones when there were some clouds in the morning. But hey, im a So Cal guy so its never below 70 during the day all year long.

  8. section138


    That’s deep, man. I think you just fried my brain. To paraphrase Menace II Society, “You be talking bout the sun and the moon and the stars and sh…..”

    I think O-Dog would’ve been a good pitcher. He wouldn’t think before throwing inside…he’d just do it.


  9. section138

    Oh, bro…Just got my season ticket package in the mail. Each ticket has a picture on it from last year. You’re on one of the tickets. It’s a picture of you fist-bumping a little kid on the mound.
    You’re like…famous, dude.

  10. berndaddy

    Collin it sounds like you were the kid in school that asked “Well how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?) Did you ever get that answered? I mean if they had opposible thumbs what’s the tree damage, right. Things that make you go ummm…..

  11. natsfanme

    Well Bally you don’t live in Maine where it is just plain cold sun or no sun, actually during the day the clouds keep us very cold (blocking the sun) and at night like you suspected it stays warmer. Being on the coast of Maine in the winter it is warmer than inland, the warm air off the ocean warms us up a little and in the summer our favorite phrase on those hot summer days (85), Cooler on the Coast. Where the air mass is coming from plays a part in the whole picture. If you guys in FLorida get a mass of air from up here than no clouds on earth will keep you warm.

    Mike from Maine, where our ball fields have a foot and half of snow.

  12. calsgr8

    From what I understand of weather. At least at this time of year. Over cast and warm, means its not cold enough for snow. A warm front is coming thru to replace the cool front. That’s why we get mild temperatures but rainy! I also think cloud cover keeps more of the warmth in.

    Not sure if this is right or not. Why not go on the Wash. Post and post a question to the weather guys there?

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