Last Chance to Donate for Alzheimer’s walk

Help the Nationals’ “First Ladies” fight Alzheimer’s!

The Washington Nationals wives (and fiances too) are participating in the 
Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk during Spring Training.

Join our team and become a champion in the cause to end Alzheimer’s! The Alzheimer”s Association Memory Walk® is the nation’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s disease. The money we raise will go toward research to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s, and programs to improve the lives of millions of Americans already affected.
Please follow this Link to help support their efforts in raising money through donations to battle Alzheimer’s.
Donate $5, $10, $100, $1000…
Every dollar counts!
 Theres only about a week till the walk so last chance to get the donations in. Thank you all, just click on the Link and it will take you right there 


  1. section138

    Thanks for reminding me. Something I had been meaning to do, but forgot.
    BTW, solid outing yesterday. Keep on keeping on, and we’ll see you in DC.

  2. treblekicker

    C’mon everyone, let’s help Ashley get to her goal! If you’ve enjoyed Bally’s Blog at all during the off season (and I know there are a lot of you out there), make a donation of any amount; I’m sure it’ll be appreciated, plus it’s for a great cause.-Rob

  3. section138

    Colllllin, bro…

    Sorry to post on this topic, but I just wanted to say awesome start last night. The game was on TV, and I was excited to see you. You kept the ball down well, sir. Looks like you had your breaking ball working, too. Chipper can take anyone deep on any pitch (that jerk) so don’t let that get to you. Plus, you only threw… like 55 pitches through five innings. Dude…11 pitches an inning? That is what we call off da hizzy. blah blah blah…not sure it means anything from a commenter.
    Keep on keeping on, bro, and hope to see you in DC this year. I also hope to see another post, homes.

  4. treblekicker

    I’m glad Julia broke the silence. 🙂 I hope they treat you well in Syracuse & we can’t wait to see you back in D.C.! Actually, Syracuse is only about 2 hours from my in-laws, so maybe we’ll even see you in New York…Have a great Spring, Bally. We’ll see you soon, no doubt.-Rob

  5. spin man

    Bally, you sure made the winter go a lot faster as you kept all of us bloggers involved with your life. We all know it is just a matter of time until you are up again with the Big Club. I am sure you will be a wonderful asset to the Syracuse Community too.

    Do well and I will echo Julia’s sentments that there are a bundle of fans rooting for you wherever you are at.
    See you soon in DC and tell your Fiance, Ashley, hi from all of us Bally Bloggers!!!

  6. berndaddy

    Collin you don’t need me to tell you what to do, I’ve never been where you’re at ever, but I like the host of other here believe in you. You’ve got the stuff dude and just know in time you’ll be playing in the big for a long time. Keep the faith. Keep you head in the game and don’t let doubt kill you’re dream. It’s right there in front of you just go and grab it.

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