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Thanksgiving Break in California & Debut of ‘Bally’s Minute’

   Well for Thanksgiving Ashley and I went to California to be with my family and to enjoy nicer, warmer, better weather.  We got in to California on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and my buddies Joel and Hank picked us up from the John Wayne Airport (Hank Conger is a HS friend who is now with the Angels).  Let me tell you, it was really kinda weird to be home because it was the first time I was in Huntington Beach since January, so a lot of stuff had changed.  Joel and Hank dropped us off at my house and the one thing I really was looking forward to doing was seeing my best friend and next door neighbor, Sam Olivé. He has been in Paraguay on his mission for the past two years and had just gotten home three weeks prior.  I went over to his house and it was awesome to see him and catch up with him, he looked great, and a lot tanner from the last time I saw him!  So the rest of the day and night we just caught up with my parents and sister in this sweet little tiki hut thing my dad just built in the backyard. 
hbi-pipeline04102008.jpgHank Conger
So obviously the next day was Thanksgiving and our whole family was getting together at my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jay’s house in Aliso Viejo.  It’s always nice to see the whole family that you really don’t get to see too often throughout the year playing ball.  And let me tell you, I truly have the best, most fun family in the whole world.  I had a blast catching up with my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandmas.  So, just like any other family does during Thanksgiving, we all huddled around a huge table and crushed food. But unlike all your typical Thanksgiving dinners, we had dancing and singing humans being loud and having a blast while serving us food, no joke.  My dad had a plate of food in his hand and acting like he was one of the penguin waiters from Mary Poppins; spinning and singing songs while serving us.  That’s why I love my family so much, you just never know what you’re going to get.  During my visit to my aunts I also got introduced to a video game called Little Big Planet, thanks to my cousin Gary (aka “G”), and I now own it.  So I stuffed my face and had fun with my family. All in all I had a great Thanksgiving.

  Some of the other things we did was go check out the place that Ashley and I are going to get married at in October ’09.  It will be at the Hyatt Regency Resort in HB, right on PCH.  It is unreal and it was an awesome feeling to actually see the place that we will be getting married at in under a year from now.  We went out in downtown HB one night too, with my sister, her boyfriend Anthony Slama (he’s ironically a pro-ball player too, with the Twins), and my buddy Joel.  We drank the famed “rainbows” from Aloha Grill.  We also went to a little high school friends get-together and wow it was crazy to see everyone, there were so many 
people that I hadn’t seen in forever and it’s always nice to see how everyone is doing… you know I miss my friends (awwww haha).  Also, if you read the Viva Las Vegas blog, you will know already how my weekend ended and just what I thought about it (haha). 
300px-Slama.JPGAnthony Slaman200003588_30812730_590.jpg


At this point of my successful blogging career I want to take this last section of each blog to just tell you what’s going through my mind.  I guess we will call it “Bally’s Minute” from now on. 
Bally’s Minute
This week what I really would like to do is just tell you how my teammates are treating me this offseason as of today.  You know I thought it would be fun to pick on some of them and give some of them love because I know and have heard that some of my teammates read my blog, so here we go.  There has been 1 person and 1 person only on my team that has texted me or called me to see how I’m doing this offseason, and that’s Nick Johnson.  Let me tell you it’s not just like once every 3 or 4 weeks to say what’s up …we talk everyday.  Nick Johnson might be the coolest guy I have met in baseball and I’m not just saying this because I want to give him a shoutout, I mean us California guys stick together and we are one and the same, even t
hough he’s a NorCal guy.  (Most of you guys won’t know what that means, but, anywho).  I mean let me tell you a little story about Nick and I, and you be the judge.  So he was hurt and there was like a month or so left in the season and he was cleaning out his locker, and I come over and he’s like “take whatever you want,” and I say “what?” and he’s like “take anything you want in my locker it’s the least I can do, you’re my boy.”  So he ends up giving me all these bobble heads and wrist bands and stuff but the best thing he gave me was a pink mothers day bat.  I’m talking about a one-of-a-kind thing.  He said it was between me and his mom who got it and he gave it to me haha.  So there you go right there.  So this week my “Minute Man” was Nick Johnson and next blog it could be you.  You guys have to give me reasons that you should be on Bally’s Minute.  Honorable mention this week goes to: Ryan Zimmerman, Jeremey Plexico, Clint Everts,Colin Cowherd, (PS3: me online beating people in NCAA Football.)
  GO USC in the Rose Bowl 
Bally Star

Viva Las Vegas: Long travel days are the worst

Well I’m here in Las Vegas, NV. Thanksgiving break is now over and we had to get back to Columbus. The day started at about 8 AM at the DMV, you know how you have to get there early so that it wont take 14 hours (haha). So it opens at 8 and I was there 4 minutes past the hour and there was a line out the door. I was like wow thats something new at the DMV right (haha) so it took me about 30 minutes to get to the front of the line just to get a number to start waiting. Let’s get this straight: I have to wait in a line for 30 minutes to get a little ticket with a number on it so that I can officially start waiting for what I need, hmmm that doesn’t make sense. The reason I was going to the DMV was because I had to renew my license, that didn’t expire till june of next year but I wasn’t going to be in CA so I had to do it on my vacation. So anyway, after waiting in the line I get to the front and I do my vision test and she says go to camera 1 for the picture and written test, and I think to myself “a written test? oh great.” At this point I’m thinking this may be the last time I drive, because I am not ready for a written test at this point. However, to make a long story short, I get a 100% on my test and get out of the DMV. Phew!

So after the DMV we go eat breakfast at Breadcrumb in Huntington Beach with my agents Pat Murphy and Larry Reynolds (here’s your shout out guys haha) and let me tell you it was a beautiful breakfast. I got the California omelet and boy was it delicious. So after breakfast we finished up our packing and my dad took us to the airport. Well from this point of the story it seems like wow what a nice day now you will get on the plane and have no delays. WRONG…. So we go to check in and I look on the screen it says DELAYED, and I don’t know about all you guys but I hate getting delayed, hate it hate it hate it. There might not be anything worse than that. So we get to the gate and we were supposed to leave at 2:00 p.m. and it was first delayed to 2:30 then to 3:00 then 3:30. And not to mention we had a connecting flight to catch at 5:00 in Vegas. So after all the delays we didn’t end up leaving Orange County til 4:45 and get into Vegas at about 5:30. Mind you, this was after I talked to the lady about what would happen if we miss the connecting flight. She was telling us “Theres no way you will miss your flight” over and over again. So yes we get to Vegas at 5:30 and its hard to catch a flight at 5 when you get in at 5:30 let me tell you. So we get to the desk and ask them what they can do, the only flight they have to get to Columbus leaves at 10:45 p.m., goes to Charlotte, NC and then to Columbus and we get in at 9:30 in the morning. So that brings us to now where I am in the Las Vegas Airport using the free internet, listening to the repeating, “Wheel of Fortune!” in the background and blogging away… see how much I like you guys? (haha). So thats what’s going on right now I hope you guys like my story (sorry if its long).
Thanksgiving Blog to come in the next day or so… Enjoy