Bally Minute # 4

Well it’s college football bowl time.  This is the best time of the year, except for the NCAA basketball playoffs.  So I decided to make a bowl pick ’em league on ESPN (No money involved) and I thought it would be fun to get all my buddies and some guys from the team to join so I could show them how to dominate in picks.  So let’s see, I invited Ryan Zimmerman, Austin Kearns, Aaron Boone, and Nick Johnson and the only one of those 4 that got in was Ryan.  So Ryan’s the man and the rest of you guys are bums.  So anyway, on to the picks, I’ll just say this starting out: I am doing horrible.  I can’t seem to make the right picks, or it’s just that the teams I’m picking suck and lose when they are supposed to win.  So right now I’m looking like an idiot but don’t worry, I will pick it up and when I win this league then I will be writing a blog about it.  

Some of the games I am looking forward to and my guess on the out come are….

1. Oklahoma State vs Oregon– Remember I am and always will be Pac 10 biased. Oregon wins 35-21
2. Georiga vs Michigan State I really think this is going to be a great game and I’m going with Michigan State 21-14
3. Ohio State vs Texas I mean my fiance goes to Ohio State but what can I say, Texas is going to crush  35-14
texas longhorns football.jpg
4. Florida vs Oklahoma– At first I really thought that Oklahoma was going to win but now I changed my mind and I’m going with Florida 21-20
5. Now on to the main event: USC vs Penn State– and all of you guys know this already that I love USC so I’m going with the Trojans 42-10
  Feel free to copy these picks 
  So other than that, all that I have been doing is just getting ready for spring training.  I recently saw that they are doing the annual Caravan Fan Fest thing up in DC, I was kind of hoping I was going to be a part of this event because I would really like to give back to the community with my teammates and I really think it would be a blast.  So we will see in the next couple weeks if I will be a part of this and I will definitely let everyone here know where I will be and what I will be doing.  Thank you all for all the feedback, it is really helping me out.  I think that I am going to have a Q&A session again in a week or so and I was thinking about doing some sort of contest but I needed some help from you guys, so let me know what you guys would want to do and maybe I could give away some game used stuff as prizes. Once again, thank you all and talk to you soon.
Bally Star


  1. tomterp

    But Bally, who do you have in the epic Maryland – Nevada matchup? I’m thinking (praying?) that you’ve got Nevada, them being a western powerhouse and all.

  2. berndaddy

    Senor Ball*****Star

    OK, Ideas, ok, like a few, right !!! OK…

    1) Name your top ten Bowlers of all time contest ( They don’t get enough love)

    2) What sport that use to be major is only minor now?
    Example — Bowling…

    3) Who’s the hottest chick or hunk in the US of A? There is a possible alternate version of this; which hot person is most likely to skank out first?
    The hot older lady in CSI. she startin’ to skankify…

    4) Chick dig the long ball, right? So, who are the five most likely to hit the long ball off our own Mr. Bally****Star ( Sorry to hit low on my main man but I know you’ve got a sense of humor)

    5) What are the worst / best names in Baseball?
    Example Best
    Collin Balester
    Milton Bradley
    Example Worst
    Albert Puljols, I’m latino and I don’t know how to pronounce it.

  3. raysrenegade

    Nice pick of games.

    Since I am a University of Florida grad., I thank you for your pick. USC had better beat Joe Pa, or there will be a riot in State College, Pa.

    But you forgot the only bowl game being played in the MLB stadium………….The St. Petersburg Bowl being played in the comfort of always 72 degree Tropicana Field. I attended the game, and let me tell you, it was weird to sit in the right field stands and see a goalpost and the goal line less than 12 feet below me.

    But the hometown USF Bulls came to play and won the contest. Good luck on the rest of your picks, and have a happy holiday

    Rays Renegade

  4. spin man

    I think You should pick one of the best questions you answered and Your Fiance` Ashley should pick another one.
    Those two questions should be voted on by the bloggers and the winner gets something signed by you , cletes, Ball Glove etc…

    #1 Do you switch gloves that you use from season to season or do you use the same one for a few years in row?

    #2 In your radio interview was your Quote ” With Tex’s signing with the Nats I am calling a WS sweep in 4 games in 2009″ tongue in cheek???

    Either way I love the in your face attitude.
    I hope you have a breakthrough year in your first full season with the Nats.

  5. hendo1

    How about “Pick the 2009 Opening Day Rotation”? Unless you don’t want to tempt the Fates…

    Hey, if you get a chance to talk to D-Cab, we’d love to hear what he’s up to and how he’s feeling about coming on board.

    It would be silly and sad for the Nats not to bring you on the Caravan. I’m looking forward to seeing you at Nats Park. Just make sure to put big “40”s on your parka so we can recognize you when you’re all bundled up. And remember, Thor-Lo(r) makes great socks.

  6. juliasrants

    Good Luck on your picks! What lamos those guys who didn’t join in. I’m not a huge college football follower (we here in New England tend not to be) but I LOVE the NFL and I do a great job at picking the winners!

    Enjoy the rest of the off-season and thanks for wanting to give back to the community & fans! Have a very Merry Christmas & a Peaceful New Year!


  7. welikeroywelikeroy

    Hey Bally, I’m a first time reader but I’ve heard great things about your blog,

    Like the Florida pick. I’m going to see the International Bowl this year in Toronto. Its the University of Buffalo versus UConn. Should be a good game because it has historical significance. It is the first U of Buffalo bowl game after 1958 when they were selected to play in the Tangerine Bowl but refused because they weren’t aloud to bring their two black players.

    I hear Connecticut has a good running back. Wow, the Pac-10 is not only going to win, but blow-out every team in their path. lol. Funny bias, but you could be right.

  8. tomterp

    Collin, are you aware that your comments on Grant Paulson’s show last Saturday have been getting increasing coverage in the media, and not just in DC?

    The Post:

    The Boston Globe:

    And on XM 175, this morning Jim Duquette and Holden Kushner were discussing them as well. I think those out of market media types somehow think that we (Nats fans, players) believe adding Tex is going to transform us into winners overnight. I thought your tongue in cheek comments to Paulson were hilarious, but these dupes are taking you literally.

    Just thought you should know you’ve created a bit of a stir out there.

  9. bally

    haha yeah I know I have heard, I mean I really think that we are going to surprise people this year and we will compete, I really think it was because of some hard luck injuries that we didnt compete and with health will come wins because I mean I really thought we were a good team and could win on every night so we just need that kind of attitude and we will be fine. Go Nats and go Nats Fans !!!!

  10. tomterp

    Haha, they just played your quote again on XM where they were interviewing the Saint, and asked him to comment.

    Randy laughed and said, “you just gotta know Collin”.


  11. berndaddy

    Collin we’ve all got to love your gumption dude. It’s gonna take far in this life…. Keep your pitches down low and your convidence up high my brother. Go Nats ! Go Bally Star !!!

  12. calsgr8


    Another Vote for you on the Caravan! You were great on Bloggers night! Got the Pic to prove it!

    As for me and picks, I’m not that great at these things. I tend to pick where my loyalties are! Just like the NATS, I always root for them no matter what the Odds!

    Hmm. Maryland (of course, I grew up in MD).
    USC because my brother once took a few courses out there.
    Ohio State because I went to a SMALL college in Ohio and besides the Hiram College Terriers, that’s who people root for in Ohio (besides the Browns and Bengals of Course)

    Happy Holidays!

  13. panatsfan

    If USC puts 6 touchdowns on PSU, I will eat my hat. PSU 21, USC 20 in a barnburner. Those are 2 tough defenses.

    Nice blog otherwise 🙂

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