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Bally Minute # 6

Setting Sail to the Bahamas


 Well I’m back from my vacation and boy was it fun.  I can honestly say that was one of the best, coolest places I have ever been to.  The Bahamas was an unbelievable place from the white sand beaches to the clear blue water and the most beautiful colorful fishes you have ever seen.  The first place we went was Freeport, Bahamas.  

I really didn’t know what to expect because I have never seen any clear water beaches before in my life so I was really excited to get off the boat and check them out.  All Ashley wanted to do was lay out all day with a Pina Colada in her hand, and is it just me or does laying out in 

the sun get kinda boring?  So I decided to walk the beach to the rental shop to rent a snorkle and a mask.  I went in the crystal clear water and had to learn on the spot, and for all the people that have done it before know what I’m talking about, I mean it seems easy just put that thing in your mouth and look in the water and breathe right? NO! It’s not that easy let me tell you, I inhaled more salt water than I ever have in my life.  But I got the hang of it and I swam around the ocean water and saw only 3 fish haha, but I did however find 3 beer bottles and a champagne bottle.  So I did my part for the environment to keep the Bahamas clean.
Snorkeling                                                Hangin Out in Port Lucaya
The next day we went to Nassau, Bahamas and we had a whole day planned there.  We bought a day pass to Atlantis for the day.  Let me tell you, Atlantis was the coolest places I have ever seen, I advise everyone out there to go to Atlantis.  I mean its over 140 acres of fun.  From water slides that go through shark tanks, to a lazy river that acts as a wave pool, river rapids, and slides.  Not only do they have all kinds of slides, and pools but they have all kinds of lagoons and aquariums filled with all kinds of animals, it’s really amazing thats all I can say.  Also while I was in Atlantis I saw Mark Kotsay and his family so that was kinda cool that we both were there at the same time.  So Atlantis was awesome and all of you need to check it out on your next vacation.
              Mayan Temple Slide at Atlantis

Me Upclose on the Slide



Shark Tank that the Slide Went Through


Atlantis.  It’s HUGE
Best Tropical Drink Ever
Not the best cruise ship ever, but we had fun!

So now that all the vacations are over we have a month and a couple days till we report to spring training.  I am ready for it to start I have been working hard this offseason and I cant wait to see all the guys and start another fun and exciting season.  But actually before spring training I have one more event I am going to be doing.  My high school coach called me and 


told me that they will be retiring my jersey at my high school. I was shocked and very excited.  So on January 24th Huntington Beach High School the high school I went to obviously haha (GO OILERS !!!) will be retiring mine and Gary Buckles and Howie Clarks jerseys, most of you would know Howie Clark he played with Baltimore, he was the guy when A-rod was running to third base and he yelled “I got it and Howie” thought it was his teammate and let it go you have to remember that one.  So that will be an awesome time so I will have a good blog after that one with pictures and all that good stuff. 
   Also guys I really want to do some of those games or something like that to kinda give back but I really need ideas.  I mean it doesn’t have to be anything great, just thought it would be fun to do something to give away those video games I got from 2k sports and some autographed stuff.  So let me know, well it was great talking to you Bally fans as always so until next time, have a great night!
 Bally Star