Spring Training

 Well as all you guys know by now Spring Training has started and it has been

a little while since I have written a blog.  Yes, I have been pretty
busy and I am tired when I get home but that's no excuse (haha).  Anyway, Spring
Training has gone great so far.  I have had a blast seeing all the guys and
meeting all the new guys this year, we really have a great bunch of guys this
year and I'm super excited to get these games rolling so we can get this season
under way.   The first couple days of camp we did the normal stuff: you know
physicals and all the running tests and all that stuff, to see if we
were all ready coming into spring.  After the Spring Training speech from Manny
we finally got to the playing part of the game, which all of us do best.  Some of
the guys that I have been talking to and hanging out with on and off the field
are Luke Montz, Jordan Zimmermann, John Lannan, Ryan Zimmerman, Nick Johnson,
Mike O'Conner, Joel Hanrahan, Tyler Clippard, Ian Desmond, Clint Everts, Brian
Peacock, Devin Ivany, Fast Eddie, and Bailey (Lannan's dog).  I mean there's more
but hey, I can't list everyone on the roster.  This Spring really has a different
feel to it.  There is a lot more energy and just different attitudes going around,
everyone here belives that we are a good team and that last year is over and
that we are going to win this year.  It's an awesome feeling to be a part of this camp.

   Some of the other things going on around here is  just a lot of media stuff.  Next week we start games so that's another thing
to look forward too.  Besides that, everything else right now is going real smooth,
my arm feels great and it's really great to see that this whole team is healthy
and ready to start this 2009 year off with a bang.  Also it's great to see all
the fans out here.  I mean there has been a lot of people coming everyday, even
in this freezing cold weather ( 45 degrees haha).

  Also if you haven't filled out your Oscar poll: you have 'til tomorrow to do
it.  I will be keeping up with this every 2 to 3 days, no more going 2 weeks without
blogging.  Also, check out this thing I did with Ron Jon Surf Shop the other day, it was pretty fun to do.


New Blog

Im sorry for leaving everyone hanging out there but tomorrow I will be posting a new blog. I know its been a long time and I will try and keep up on a day to day basis. But Spring Training is going great and I will have more to report tomorrow, sorry again everyone.


Number 49

Well, I got a call this morning from our clubhouse manager, and he says “Hey Bally, Daniel Cabrera’s agent wants to know if he could have number 40. So I was thinking dang I would really like to keep number 40, that was my first number given to me, and kinda wanted to keep 1 number my whole career, but also thought to myself Cabrera is a veteran and I’m a rookie and this number probably means more for him to have it than for me to keep it so I said ok. So this year I will be number 49 and lets hope that it brings lots of good outings.

Bally Star

Bally Contest # 2

Ok well the first contest got some good feedback, so I thought of another game we could play. I think it would be fun for everyone to pick the top 5 oscars and who is going to win them, the top 5 are:best picture, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor and best supporting actress. Get to work, you all have till Feb-22nd, Good luck. Lets try and get 40 players this time.

for all the Nominations for the awards. Should make it a little more easy.

Bally Star

Syracuse Hot Stove & Jersey Retirement

Syracuse, New York (-12 degrees Fahrenheit, wintry mix)

DSCN0931.JPGA couple weeks ago I went to Syracuse for a little Hot Stove Dinner to kick off the union of the Nationals with the Chiefs.  I never new that it could really get colder than it was in Columbus.  The team was nice enough to let my fiancee come along, so once we got to the airport they had one of their interns there waiting to pick us up.  And you know, we started some small talk like regular humans, and they started telling me what the plans were for the day.  Let me inform you that all I thought I was doing was going to the dinner to meet the fans.  But they had a different itinerary in mind.  The intern said I had a photo shoot and an interview lined up beginning in an hour.  (There goes the relaxing afternoon I had planned, haha).  So I went to the photo shoot at a local photographer.  It was a photo shoot for Time Warner Cable and they had a Syracuse Chiefs jersey and hat for me to wear.  They took about 15-20 shots that are actually going to be used for billboards around town and other media pamphlets, so I thought that was really cool.  After that, we went over to the radio station to do some radio commercial for Time Warner.  The local Time Warner is trying to focus on “local celebrities” like the minor league hockey team there and also Carmello Anthony, since he went to Syracuse in college.  They gave me 4 full sheets to read for radio ads.  As you can imagine, this took me a while, about an hour and a half to be exact, I’m not the best reader, haha. 

Now once all of this was done we had about an hour to go back to the room, get a bite to eat, and get ready for the dinner.  Now you might be thinking, “An hour?  That’s plenty of time to do that!”  And I would also agree that is ample enough time… but you all are forgetting that I have my loving fiancee with me, and she is not too keen on the idea of fitting all her primping into a mere 60 minutes.  Needless to say, we get ready (running only 15 minutes behind) and get to the Holiday Inn where the dinner and silent auction is taking place.  I will just say this: I really think that the Syracuse Chiefs did a great job with everything the whole night.  Everything was set up very nicely and they treated everyone with the Nationals with great respect.  So I got to talk with the fans and take pictures and sign autographs which was fun.  I never new that the Chiefs had so much history and that the fans were so good and loyal towards the Chiefs and I really liked that.


Now mind you, I think that my duties are now over for the day and I can sit back, relax and enjoy my chicken and potatoes while listening to all the other important people take their turn speaking at the podium in the center of the head stage, surely thinking I would not be summoned upon to speak.  Can you see where this is going?  Shortly after I began to dig into my cookies n’ creme sundae, the emcee came up to me and asked if I would ‘say a lil somethin’? I told him that I didn’t really have anything planned out and would rather answer some questions than deliver a speech from the heart.  I mean there was over 400 people there and that’s a tough crowd, especially when 95% of them have never heard of you (haha).  So all throughout dessert I’m waiting for the time at which they will call my name to speak, and finally it came.  I get up to the podium with sweaty palms and a blank mind but winged it anyway and I actually thought I did pretty well!  Anyone that was there that reads this please tell me how I did haha.  I said something along the lines of the weather (can never go wrong with that) and how I was happy to be there but hoped to never return!  All in all, I was really impressed with the entire trip to Syracuse and really enjoyed myself.  Go Chiefs!
Huntington Beach, California (70 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny)
Last weekend, as all of you guys know, I had my high school number retired.  I was pretty nervous about this since the day my coach told me that they were going to do this.  It was such a great honor that I can’t really put in words how I was truly feeling.  It was announced during the 5th inning of the alumni game.  So me being me, I thought, “Well I know I’m not going to pitch, but hey I was 3/17 in hitting this year so, hey I’ll hit and show the coach that he should have let me hit in high school” right?…Wrong!  When we landed at John Wayne airport, I turned on my phone and I had a text from Mike from Reynolds Sports Management (my agent’s company) and the conversation went something like this:
  Mike: “you’re not actually planning on playing in the game are you?” 
  Collin: “Well yea, no pitching but I wanna hit”  
  Mike: “you better call the office 714-298-****”
So I call the office and he says “your not planing on really hitting are you?” I say “ummm Yeah” so long story short he says absolutely no hitting because of the risk, which I totally get but I was a little bummed.  I was kinda sad that I had to be in regular clothes for everything instead of old HB gear like everyone else, but hey I would rather be ready for spring than hurt.
So Howie Clark and I get to throw out the first pitch and right at that moment I was thinking, “Man, this is really happening.”  It was awesome to see all the alumni at the game, some who I played with, some who had coached me, and some that had just graduated in 2007.  Wow, I thought there was a rule to what “alumni” meant.  I figured you had to wait at least 2 years to come back and play (haha).  So finally the 5th inning rolls around and I’ll tell you this, my coach did a great job writing up the introductions for both Howie and I.  He put in the best parts about my career, and left out the bad!  At the mound, Howie and I stood there waiting for the tarp to drop and reveal our banners and I realized that it was kinda an emotional day for us.  We talked about how much of an honor it was and how we felt about it, and as it dropped and I first laid my eyes on the banner I had the biggest smile on my face.  Right then I thought, “Wow, this really just happened.”  Afterwards, we both took pictures under our banners, for more people than I ever have in my life, (next to prom).  I was so happy that my whole family and my friends could be there with me to take it
all in.  


So I really want to thank all my family and friends that came, I really appreciate it so very much.  Most of all, I would like to thank my coach Benji Medure for the opportunity he gave me in high school, and for not for kicking me off the team like he threatened to do many times throughout high school (haha he knows what Im talking about).  So all and all it was a great weekend and I was very happy that I could share it with you all.
   Bally Star

Bally minute # 7

Well it’s been a little while since I wrote my last Bally Minute and I have had this one issue going through my mind for some time now. Now all of you out there know that I like to play video games. I really enjoy getting online and playing other humans, you know it’s quite fun. I really like to play Madden 09 online. When I first started playing I stunk really bad, but now that I have been practicing and getting better I can actually beat people and it makes me feel real good about myself. (haha). But here’s the problem I have with playing online; see the younger kids (you know them, the ones with the real high pitched voices) so now a day all that these kids want to do is win. Hey there’s nothing wrong with that but when I am beating them and they quit the game early and I don’t get the win and they don’t get the loss that’s where I start to get upset. I mean, come on, suck up your pride and just take the loss, like I have many of times, I know everyone out there that does play online knows what I’m talking about. Now people out there are going to read this and think to themselves, “Geez Bally are you some kind of nerd?” NO! I’m not. So I like to play some games after a long day… Sue me! It makes me calm, unless I lose haha. So I hope someone from Playstation reads this and does something about these kids that cheat and ruin all the fun. I’m really glad I got this off my chest.

-Syracuse blog will be up tonight.
-After the Super Bowl I will crown the Winner of the prizes.
-Trying to get a special guest on here that I will ask questions to, should be fun.
-Also I will be giving an inside look on how to make a surf board. Really cool.


-And a blog about long toss, and a program that has helped out my career so much.
So that’s a few things for you guys to look forward to. If you guys want to give me ideas on stuff you want me to write about, I would love to hear it. (unless you like hearing about my love for video games haha)
Have a good one guys.
Bally star