Here I am

Hey everyone, how’s everyone doing, I hope good. Well the search party found me and told me to keep writing blogs. Spring Training is now going in full force, this year is a little different than last, its a little different playing teams that have all there players at the WBC, but on the other hand its a lot of fun to watch the WBC so its a win win I guess. We have been playing well this spring, we have some really good pitchers and some really good hitters, everyone can feel the competition and I really think that its bringing the best out in all our players. We have a game tonight at 7 so it was nice to be able to sleep in a little ( 9 o’clock). Other than all this there is really nothing else going on so far, I will keep this updated, I just didn’t want to because I thought it would be boring to read about this stuff, but ill try my best to post every 3 days even tho not much is going on. I just don’t want to leave you guys hanging.

By the way those 4 people who won the contest can you please send me your email address and we will get in contact with you to get the prizes sent out to you. Thanks
Bally Star


  1. natsfanme

    Bally, Nice to hear from you again, I thought the after effects of the Moxie put you in a coma. (ha, ha). Do you have any contests lined up? March madness is fast approaching. Look for a UConn, Pitt, Louisville final four.

    Mike from Maine where there is two feet of snow still on the ground.

  2. nymetsgrrl94

    Hey Bally,
    It’s good to hear from you again. I watched the WBC last night and didn’t get my homework done so I’m thinking of asking my teachers for all of my work for the rest of the year so I can get it done before baseball season, LOL.
    Have you talked to anybody in the WBC? Also, what is your favorite thing about Spring Training?

  3. section138


    As long as I saw your name in the boxscores, I knew you were (thankfully) still alive. Although, I’ve heard the risk of being killed in Spring Training has been reduced dramatically since the is no more JimBo Segway to have to avoid.
    Keep on focusing on your spring, bro. While the blog is fantastic (and the reason that I live and breathe), it can take a backseat for a bit. I think we all understand.
    Oh yeah! As one of the four Oscar winners, here’s my email address:

  4. galah

    Tugh night for you last night Bally, keep battling, the Nats are gonna be a great team this year.
    Stay up late Wednesday to watch the shuttle launch, I hear they’re awesome!

  5. psychgirl

    Hey Collin, you did a great job filling in for the ball boy today! One of the funniest parts of my Spring Training trip!

  6. stephb

    Yay the blog is updated!
    Really excited by what you’ve guys have shown us so far, I think this season is going to rock!

  7. treblekicker

    Bally,Our spring training trip is at an end…it was great seeing you pitch on Monday. Finish March strong & we can’t wait to see you in DC! I think I speak for a lot of folks when I say thanks for this blog…it’s been a great way to get us through the off-season.One question for you: what was the deal with you being ball boy today? Did someone volunteer you for that? It looked like you were enjoying it, especially your banter with the ump!My e-mail address for the Oscar contest:

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