Spring Training

 Well as all you guys know by now Spring Training has started and it has been

a little while since I have written a blog.  Yes, I have been pretty
busy and I am tired when I get home but that's no excuse (haha).  Anyway, Spring
Training has gone great so far.  I have had a blast seeing all the guys and
meeting all the new guys this year, we really have a great bunch of guys this
year and I'm super excited to get these games rolling so we can get this season
under way.   The first couple days of camp we did the normal stuff: you know
physicals and all the running tests and all that stuff, to see if we
were all ready coming into spring.  After the Spring Training speech from Manny
we finally got to the playing part of the game, which all of us do best.  Some of
the guys that I have been talking to and hanging out with on and off the field
are Luke Montz, Jordan Zimmermann, John Lannan, Ryan Zimmerman, Nick Johnson,
Mike O'Conner, Joel Hanrahan, Tyler Clippard, Ian Desmond, Clint Everts, Brian
Peacock, Devin Ivany, Fast Eddie, and Bailey (Lannan's dog).  I mean there's more
but hey, I can't list everyone on the roster.  This Spring really has a different
feel to it.  There is a lot more energy and just different attitudes going around,
everyone here belives that we are a good team and that last year is over and
that we are going to win this year.  It's an awesome feeling to be a part of this camp.

   Some of the other things going on around here is  just a lot of media stuff.  Next week we start games so that's another thing
to look forward too.  Besides that, everything else right now is going real smooth,
my arm feels great and it's really great to see that this whole team is healthy
and ready to start this 2009 year off with a bang.  Also it's great to see all
the fans out here.  I mean there has been a lot of people coming everyday, even
in this freezing cold weather ( 45 degrees haha).

  Also if you haven't filled out your Oscar poll: you have 'til tomorrow to do
it.  I will be keeping up with this every 2 to 3 days, no more going 2 weeks without
blogging.  Also, check out this thing I did with Ron Jon Surf Shop the other day, it was pretty fun to do.



  1. spin man

    One thing I noticed being down to Spring Training is how many great athletes there are on the team. You, Hill, Lannan, Flores, Estrada and a few more were the athletes I saw. You guys made the fielding look effortless… like second nature. I can imagine all you guys are very competitive from Ping Pong to eating contests!!! LOL
    I can imagine you hate to lose in anything . Thats why I know you guys will win a bundle of games this year.
    Go Nats!!

  2. scooter243

    good to see you back. I hope PFP isn’t getting too boring yet. I got a couple questions for you. Who do you think you guys will take in the draft this year? Do you have anything in your contract about you surfing? I know when Ryan Klesko was here in San Diego he wasnt supposed to, but did anyway. And did you get the letter and photos I that i said i was going to send to you? Good luck with the rest of spring training, hope to hear more from you soon.


  3. section138

    I shall not call Lannan’s dog Bailey. I will, instead, call him my nickname for Lannan himself…Eyebrows.
    Hope you’re having a blast in Viera, Collllin. Since you’re hangin with Desmond, can you give us any insight into how his visit up in Baltimore for his hand went?

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