Video of Me mic’ed up

   I totally forgot about this video, it’s funny and I know you guys will appreciate it.  It was a home game last season when MASN had a mic on me.  Enjoy

    MASN Video
  I promise there will be a new blog tomorrow I swear. 


  1. berndaddy

    Bally , dude I thought Wily Mo was going to clock you one for a second there. That was funny, especially Nick Johnson’s seeming indifference to the rook….

    Classic dude, classic…

  2. psychgirl

    LOL, that’s awesome, I missed all that since I was at the game. I love how Nick’s just like “Nope, never thought you make it.”

  3. section138

    Hey Collllin,

    Umm…what was up with Wily Mo? Was he just messing with you? Are you gonna miss Boony? Why didn’t Nick want steak? And why did you stop surfing? Odalis cut you off, but you said, “I don’t really do it ever since I…..” Since you what, dude?? Since Johnny Utah infiltrated your surf group?

  4. calsgr8


    You seemed a little self concious. Looking for people to talk to. I guess Wily Mo wanted you to watch the game instead of talking to people.

    How was syracuse?

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