Bally minute # 7

    Well it’s been a little while since I wrote my last Bally Minute and I have had this one issue going through my mind for some time now.  Now all of you out there know that I like to play video games.  I really enjoy getting online and playing other humans, you know it’s quite fun.  I really like to play Madden 09 online.  When I first started playing I stunk really bad, but now that I have been practicing and getting better I can actually beat people and it makes me feel real good about myself. (haha). But here’s the problem I have with playing online; see the younger kids (you know them, the ones with the real high pitched voices)  so now a day all that these kids want to do is win.  Hey there’s nothing wrong with that but when I am beating them and they quit the game early and I don’t get the win and they don’t get the loss that’s where I start to get upset.  I mean, come on, suck up your pride and just take the loss, like I have many of times, I know everyone out there that does play online knows what I’m talking about.  Now people out there are going to read this and think to themselves, “Geez Bally are you some kind of nerd?” NO! I’m not.  So I like to play some games after a long day… Sue me!  It makes me calm, unless I lose haha.  So I hope someone from Playstation reads this and does something about these kids that cheat and ruin all the fun.  I’m really glad I got this off my chest.

-Syracuse blog will be up tonight.
-After the Super Bowl I will crown the Winner of the prizes.
-Trying to get a special guest on here that I will ask questions to, should be fun.
-Also I will be giving an inside look on how to make a surf board. Really cool.


-And a blog about long toss, and a program that has helped out my career so much.  
So that’s a few things for you guys to look forward to.  If you guys want to give me ideas on stuff you want me to write about, I would love to hear it. (unless you like hearing about my love for video games haha)
 Have a good one guys. 
Bally star


  1. saskuash

    Bally- I went to Syracuse University. I enjoyed a few SkyChiefs games while I was there, though they were still a Blue Jays affiliate at the time. If you have some free time, I have a couple suggetions:

    Tully’s is a sports bar/family restaurant that has the best chicken tenders I’ve ever tasted. And the honey mustard they serve with it is just as good. If you have a chance, go there! It’s on Erie Boulevard.

    If you want to go out at night, you can usually find something you like at Armoury Square. There are several clubs, pubs and other bars or restaurants in that area.

    If you’re looking for Italian food (or just good bread) check out Pastabilities in Armoury Square. If you do go there, make sure you try the spicy tomato sauce- they serve it with bread before your dinner.

    Good luck in Spring Training, and I look forward to watching you dominate in Washington this summer!

    Vienna, VA

  2. berndaddy

    Bally when the season starts one cool thing to do is a food log on the Bally blog. Each meal you have on the road make a log and comment on the food, service etc. I have a friends in a band and this is one of the best features on their website. They rank the place. Say, “St.Elmo’s grille in Indianapolis, Ind. 5 (bally) stars (rating). The steak in the business with the greatest shrimp cocktail ever, period…”
    Rating 1-5 …One only given out if you lose the meal or get sick. I know most of the time you get to eat from a spread, so rate the ballpark’s spread. It’s a way of getting personal without getting too personal, eh. ‘course yours and Ashley’s meal should be off limits…

    Who da man? You da man….

  3. rockymountainway

    That’s called a sore loser and no matter playing online or in person that’s the way it goes. I once had such command over a friend of mine at Madden he put the control down after something like a 72-14 blowout and said I’m never playing you again. I couldn’t blame him though. He has specifically bought an xbox and practiced for 4 weeks to beat me. These kids coming up today online don’t have to face each other and see the other person so it’s easier to quit. Sucks but what can ya do?

  4. section138


    Dude, who were you playing that quit while they were behind, Chase Utley? That sounds very childish…. and definitely like something he would do.

    Oh, I saw Joel last night. He said you were supposed to send him a Hunter jersey, but he never got one. Mixed signals, or is he just giving you the run-around? (Fight! Fight! Fight!)

    BTW, Manny was there as well, and seemed surprised you were writing a blog. I don’t really have a point, just wanted to mention it.

    Be good.



  6. dangernat

    Okay Collin, I almost hate to do it because you’re a good guy, but I’m going to put you a little on the hot seat with this question. I ask you because you have been nothing but honest with Nats fans and you’re closer to earth than most in your position: The off season has been long and cold. It’s been hits and misses with the Nationals pertaining to the free agent market. There is a lot of anger, paranoia, and nervousness about the team. Certain sportswriters, like Thomas Boswell, don’t help clear up the situation when they tend to write articles that go everywhere but ask if they could have a little cheese with their wine. From a players perspective, are you happy how the Lerner Family has been running the team and how do the other guys feel about it all? Are the Lerners going through “growing pains” learning how to run a baseball team, are they really cheap as some critics say, or is it “all part of the plan” like the late Heath Ledger said in his role in “The Dark Knight”? I know this might be a tough question, but I know plenty of fans that might appreciate your viewpoint on the matter. Thanks, Collin!

  7. calsgr8

    Hey Collin,

    You like Video games so much, why not have some kind of Bracket tournament with other fans at the PlayStation section of NATS Park! Register with a small entry fee (which would go to your favorite charity or Zimms Foundation or Impacta kids. Prizes could include some video games or NATS stuff or gift cards (donated of course). Of course you’d have to limit the number of registrants. Bally plays the best video playing fan! Just an idea. Sometimes I get those at 2:15 in the am. Night!

  8. bangzoom08

    Bally we’re all looking forward to a big year out of you! And in regards to natofthelivingdead’s question, I’m sure Bally is going to say that the owner is a fine person. After all he’s the one signing paycheck! I highly doubt anyone would bash their boss.

    Good luck this year Collin. Hopefully the offense backs you up.

  9. dangernat

    In regards to banzoom08: Why not let the man with the blog answer the question for himself? He has been pretty open and honest with everyone here which is awesome. If he chooses not to answer the question, he chooses not to answer the question, but he did ask for questions and things to possibly write about in his blog.

  10. bangzoom08

    Natofthelivingdead- it’s his blog, yeah. But it’s common sense, nobody is going to bash their boss. You’d have to be an idiot like Terrell Owens or Chad Johnson. Bally isn’t like that. I’m sure most of the Nationals will want the owner to spend to get better players. They could use a power hitter that’s for sure.

    So Collin what are you going to do in your remaining weeks before spring training. Good luck buddy.

  11. dangernat

    Bangzoom08- Again, please allow Collin to answer the question. The question was not directed to you and unless you are actually a player or close to the organization, you can’t say for sure what they desire. You also immediately assume that Collin actually has something bad to say. Maybe he doesn’t, maybe he really honestly loves the ownership and has something positive to say, which would also be an answer to the question. Maybe him and Mark Lerner get together and go surfing and play video games together. Would that not be an interesting conversation? While your opinion is appreciated, I’m sure others would like to actually hear an opinion from Collin, not Bangzoom. Actually, now that I think about it– that would be an awesome conversation to have, LOL.

  12. bangzoom08

    Whoa friend, we’re all Nats fans here. I was just saying that I don’t think anyone in their right mind would call out the owner. I’m sure the Nats players like their owner genuinely (especially Collin), but my point is, even if they didn’t would you really expect one to bash the owner? No. Unless your name is T.O. or Chad Ocho Cinco. That’s all. Didn’t know you were the forum moderator j/k and all. GO NATS!

  13. spin man

    Bang and Nat!! I think Bally Star should do a Pre fight interview with you two and do a MMA championship bout with Joe Rogan as the announcer. Then the winner between you guys would fight Tito Ortiz, who is from Bally’s hometown in Huntington Beach. I would pay to see that one!! LOL
    By the way Bally has answered the type of questions Nat has asked and I would guess he will answer them here too!

  14. bangzoom08

    Haaaaaaaaaaaa spin. I mean no disrespect to natoflivingdead. It was just a simple observation, I’d be shocked to see anyone call out the guy who signs their checks, that’s it really. There should be no beef among Nats fans.

  15. dangernat

    I have no beef here with Bangzoom. We are cool. I just would love to hear what Collin would have to say on the subject, that is all. By the way, I’ll will gladly lose graciously to Tito. LOL.

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