Ballys Contest

So then there were 4, I want to hear from all of you guys. Give me who will win the games this weekend and the score, then the matchup in the super bowl. Its all for fun, so lets see who gets it right, the winner will get an autographed Ball plus a copy of The Bigs (courtesy of 2K Sports). The grand prize winner has to pick the winners and the score, If there’s no one who got that then I will have to see who’s the closest to that. So have fun and we will see who comes out on top. Good luck

Cardinals- 35
Eagles- 21
Warner goes off and Boldin comes back and catches 2 Touchdown passes.
Ravens- 14
Steelers- 10
Battle of the Defense’s Ravens D is just that much better.
Super Bowl
Cardinals cant deal with the Ravens Defense.
user91-The BIGS JUN 2007.jpg


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  1. spin man

    Bally! Bally! Bally!
    Cardinals over the Eagles 35-31

    Steelers Over The Ravens 24-10 I can’t go against BIG BEN. He’s from my wife’s hometown.
    Steelers over the Cardinals in the Super Bowl 28-21.

    I will pick up my prizes at Spring Training and none of this leaving them at the ” Will Call” Stuff. HA!HA!
    I want them in person!!! LOL !!!
    Hey! Hows the weather there in Ohio? Burr…
    It is nice here in Florida.
    See you at ST


    Haha, don’t get me wrong its obvious your blogs quite popular.

    Anyways – As far as MLB the bigs. You gotta try to home run derby pinball, or whatever that feature is called. It gets real addictive real fast trying to get the highscores online.

    This weekend:
    Eagles 26, Cardinals 20
    Baltimore 20, Pittsburgh 13

    Eagles 24, Baltimore 14

  3. mlbtribefan

    Here are my picks: Super Bowl for the Birds who flew south to Tampa for the Winter

    Cardinals 23
    Eagles 17 OT

    Ravens 13
    Steelers 10

    Cardinals 20
    Ravens 17

    Let’s hope these predictions are in the Cards. Quote the Ravens never more! I’m from the Cleveland, Ohio area. I’m biased against the Ravens and Steelers. What can I say?

  4. mlbmark

    Eagles 28, Cardinals 24

    Steelers 21, Ravens 7

    Eagles 35-14 to win Super Bowl, Year of Philly goes on after the breakthrough parade…no pressure on McNabb. Every media outlet sends a reporter to Harrisburg to see who neutral Pennsylvanians are following, and everyone calls it the SuPA Bowl. SuPA Bowl commercials blow because no one can afford them this year. So it is written so it is done.


  5. bally

    Come on.. dont you all want to play.. well I guess more prizes for the people who want to play huh …. haha

    BAlly Star

  6. natsfanme

    Eagles 24 Cardinals 21
    Ravens 17 Steelers 14

    Superbowl goes to Brian Schnieder’s favorite team the
    Eagles 16 Ravens 13

    Maine is going to be a bit chilly for the next few days. See you in ST.
    Mike from Maine

  7. dangernat

    Eagles 35, Cards 21

    Pitt 27, Ravens 21

    SB: Pitt 30, Eagles 14

    So let it be written, so let these games be won!

  8. treblekicker

    I was trying to think of how to write my picks into haiku, but that didn’t work so well. Oh well!

    This weekend:
    Eagles 24, Cards 13
    Steelers 20, Ravens 17

    Super Bowl:
    Steelers 24, Eagles 10

    Disclaimer: These picks highly skewed by the fact that I grew up in Philly and lived in Pittsburgh for 5 years (go Stillers!).


  9. berndaddy

    Bally come out to play…Sorry bad movie reference from movie no one knows anymore.(The Warriors, greatest b-movie of all times, well maybe)

    The Games begin…

    Eagles (28) vs Cards (20)

    Ravens (17) vs Steelers (10)


    Eagles (14) vs Ravens (17)

    More prizes Mr. Bally Star, more prizes.

  10. section138


    A few bonus picks before I get to the NFL games…

    Money line on Ray Lewis stabbing someone again: EVEN

    UFC 93 (This Saturday, cause I know you like your MMA)
    Mauricio “Shogun” Rua over Mark “The Hammer” Coleman via TKO in the 1st round. No way Coleman can bang with Shogun, and Rua won’t be submitted by the Hammer again. Rua is also extra motivated to avenge the previous loss to Coleman. This will be a brutal fight to watch if you’re a fan of Coleman.
    Dan “Hendo” Henderson over Rich “Ace” Franklin via Decision. Rich is trying hard to comeback, and he is a vicious striker, but Hendo’s never lost via knockout in his career. Dan will ground and pound Rich and pull out the decision (probably a unanimous one, too).
    Since the UFC is in Ireland, it’s being shown at 3pm here on the east coast…. O/U on beers consumed by me when the entire night is done? I don’t even want to think about it.

    On to the NFL, in which I suck.
    Pittsburgh 19
    Baltimore 16
    Philadelphia 27
    Arizona 21
    Super Bowl:
    Pittsburgh 17
    Philadelphia 10

  11. natsfan1a

    I’m gonna go wit’ Da Bearss. 79-zip.

    What? They aren’t in the running?

    Eh, I’ll let the rest of you all weigh in then and wish you luck.


  12. stephb

    I’m always so horrible at these things (hey, I thought the Colts were going to at least make it to the AFC championship)

    But for kick and giggles
    Cardinals 27
    Eagles 12
    Eagles come back to Earth and the offense sputters, Cardinals continue to fly high

    Steelers 17
    Ravens 13
    Steelers and Ravens D are very close, but Steelers offense is just further along and manage just enough to win

    Super Bowl
    Cardinals 24
    Steelers 21

    Hey, if the Cardinals make it this far they would have defied all expectations so how can you root against them? They are the underdogs. No real reason why I think they’ll win, but I’ll pick them anyway.

  13. go_dmitri

    Bally, you are wrong on all counts! 🙂

    first games
    Steelers 17, Ravens 10
    Eagles 21, Cardinals 7

    Steelers 28, Eagles 20

  14. hendo1

    Steelers 21, Ravens 14
    Eagles 23, Cardinals 20
    Steelers 20, Eagles 17

    How was Syracuse? As you now know, there are places in America that are colder than Columbus.
    Have a good weekend.

  15. cmm7894

    Best wishes for a great season Bally…

    Pittsburgh 24 Baltimore 9

    Arizona 28 Philly 10

    Arizona 24 Pittsburgh 20

    Yes it’s a reach, but might as well be different!

    Take care,


  16. section138

    Welp, Collllin, I blew the NFL picks by taking Philly. My wife is from Phoenix, so you’d think I’d know better.
    Anyway, I nailed the Dan Henderson/Rich Franklin fight, and Hua did beat Coleman by TKO (only in the third round instead of the first, but he had him wobbly in the first, and I think he could have finished him if then if he was more aggressive). What’s my prize? A pat on the back? An “atta boy!”? A pouch or two of your favorite gum? (Please be grape Big League Chew, please be grape Big League Chew!)
    Also, any chance we’ll see a quick write up of the Syracuse visit?
    Also, I’m heading out to the meet and greet Thursday with Joel Hanrahan. Anything you want me to pass on for ya?

  17. bally

    Atta Boy haha…. and tell Joel I said wheres my Hunter jersey signed.. and tell him to text me once and a while geeez..

  18. section138

    Will do, Bally. I’ll even rough him up a bit if he gives me any lip. If you don’t post before this weekend, have a blast with your jersey retirement. (It’s fun. My baseball fantasy league retired my team name after I won the league with a wire to wire first place finish in 2001. Same thing, right?)

  19. spin man

    Bally! There are only 3 of us left in your pickem’ contest.
    Stephb- picked the Cardinals over the Steelers… Cmm7894 picked the Cardinals oner the Steelers and Me, Spinman picked the Steelers over the Cardinals!!!! Can’t go against Big Ben!!! Did you say the winner got an all expense paid trip to DC for four people to watch you pitch then go out to dinner with you , Ashley and few of the guys after the game? WE fly out of Tampa and you don’t have to send us out first class!! Hertz rent a car is fine and I like my steaks medium Rare. Presidents Club seats are fine. I need a players parking pass too!!! I hope this is all the info you need right now. I will give you my contact info after the Steelers win at the Super Bowl… right here in TAMPA!!!!
    LOL… I will get my prizes at ST!! HA!HA! Go Steelers! Go Nationals!!

  20. bally

    Looks like Spinman was the only one that picked the steelers, he wins the First Annual Bally’s Blog contest.. Congrats Spinman and we will have more contest to come…If you think I messed up on the winner tell me won and I will go back and look

    Bally star

  21. spin man

    Bally Star!! I like my steaks medium rare, Hertz, Renta Car is fine, 4 Presidents club seats for my Pals, Tomterp, DaveMD,Stephen, and myself opening Day??? That was the prize wasn’t it???
    I will hopefully see you at Spring training to pick up my prize. You will know who I am by what I am wearing.
    Plaid shorts down to the knee, White tube socks to the knee, A camera around my neck and a pocket protector with three pens in it for you to use while you autograph items for me. I look 50 years old , but I am only 35. LOL HA!HA!
    Never go against Big Ben. He’s a winner … just like you are.

  22. section138

    I smell something fishy going on….

    “As for his future son-in-law, Mr. Sterling heartily approves. He’s a spinning instructor, and he even gave Balester a one-on-one spinning lesson, to music.”

    Is spin man your future father-in-law, Bally? Family can’t win prizes! That’s…like…totally against the rules!

    /sulks in the corner

  23. bally

    Why not, I mean he won fair and square. If you would have won would you have wanted the prize? I mean it doesn’t matter if your family or not..

    New blog will be up tonight I promise

  24. section138

    Colllin, bro…I didn’t mean to come of as serious. Was just kidding, and trying to compare it to one of those contest “clauses” most contests have, like… this one from yahoo!:

    “In addition, the following groups of persons are not eligible to win prizes in the contest: employees and agents of Yahoo! Inc., its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotional agencies, any other prize sponsor, and any entity involved in the development, production, implementation, administration or fulfillment of the contest, and the immediate family members and persons living in the same household as any of the above.”

    Of course, you’re not a corporation, and my joke wasn’t well written.

    But, hey..I’m winning your Oscar competition, so it’s all moot after that, dude.

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