Going Green

  The other day I was surfing the web and I came across a website about recycling and going green and how important it is to do so.  I have always felt that this country needs to do a better job of doing there part in recycling and keeping this world clean.  So as I kept reading I come to find out that this site was run by Chris Dickerson, a player I played against the last few years.  So this site is a bunch of athletes that are doing their part to make this world a better place to live in and showing everyone just how easy it is to just recycle and not make more waste.  So I got a hold of Chris and now I am apart of the we play green team, I really think that everyone should look into this, because Global warming is not a joke and I really feel that this can help get information that all of us need out so that we can all do our part to make a change. Please check out the site and if you need any more info please contact Chris Dickerson, or comment me on here and we will all make a change for the good. Thanks

    Also quick fact: I think that Nationals Park is the only Green stadium, so thats pretty cool.
   Click Here for the website 
Bally Star


  1. natsfanme

    Up here in Maine we are pretty green, we are one of the only states that requires a 5 cent deposit on water bottles, we’ve had a ‘Green STore’ (Actual name) for over 20 years. You should do something about Vegas, when I visited my son there two years ago, recycling was a dirty word.
    Mike from Maine.

  2. natsfan1a

    Thanks for the link. Very cool that you all are doing that.

    After looking at the green tips on the site, I’d add another reason for choosing paper over plastic bags, which is that many sea turtles die each year after ingesting plastic bags that they mistook for jellyfish (we learned that on a recent snorkeling trip).

  3. dangernat

    Hey, Collin. Yeah, it’s great it seems people are finally jumping on the “Green Wagon”, finally, after so many years of abusing and taking advantage of the planet and our own bodies all in the name of saving a dollar.

    If you ever get the chance, take the Nationals Park Tour. The tour guides point out almost every aspect of the park that is “green.” Truly, the Park is a marvel in it’s own right.

    The wife and I are expecting a new Nats fan in March (a little girl) and we have dedicated ourselves to raising her “green” so we have completely changed our lifestyle. It’s a little pricey at times, but the rewards and health benefits of it all are terrific.

  4. spin man

    I had a great time on a private tour at the Nats park and it was awesome. Standing on the field and looking up where our seats were was cool.
    I think Bally could even see where we were sitting in the stands! HA!HA! Go Green, Go Bally- Star, Go Nats!!
    Can’t wait for Spring Training.
    Hey, Bally any word if you are on the Caravan? A bunch of Fans want to see you.
    Me… I will see you at Spring Training!
    How about lunch??? You buyin’ ? LOL

  5. bally

    Thank you I just checked that out.. thats pretty cool. Its all thanks to you guys who check out my blog on a day to day basis .. so thank you all.. I will keep the blogs coming

  6. section138


    I take it you won’t be at Nats Park on 1/25 for the NatsFest, since you’re retiring your jersey in Cali the day before? Bummer. I was looking forward to getting some tips. (The biggest one being how on earth to fit as much gum in my mouth as you do, without choking.)

    Is it pretty much gonna be just the guys that stay in the DC area in the off season?

    Oh, yeah, keep on being green. In all seriousness, there is only one Mother Earth.

  7. bally

    yeah I was asked to go but I was unable to do so because I am going home for the jersey thing. It was too bad because I really wanted to be a part of it. I will however be in Syracuse on friday for the dinner they have this friday for all you syracuse people.. As far as the Gum thing well if you haven’t heard I talk way too much and am always talking and never shut up so I guess I have a huge mouth so thats why I can put alot of gum in my mouth, so my advice to you is just talk a lot and hey you might not have to many people like you but you can fit a lot of gum in your mouth haha….

    Bally Star

  8. asharpe@edisto.cofc.edu

    Hey man,

    I saw that banner for the play green website and was thinking on earth day, April 22, the bigs should use Green bats, much like the pink bats they use for mother’s day.

    Don’t think Bud Selig will read this, but it’s a pretty good idea.

  9. bally

    oo thanks .. what are you trying to say ,, my blogs not popular haha… REAL NICE… haha, but yeah I think thats a great idea who knows maybe we will be using green bats ; )

  10. balzig777

    Hey , DUDE!!…………..and I just got rid of my v8 lawnmower…..shhhish. (in reference to the last comment)

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