See Ya!!

  glass.half.full.jpg Hey everyone I have been trying to do a post for the last 4 or 5 days now and Im not sure what has been going on but it just has not been letting me submit my post.  Well anyway, can’t say I haven’t been trying haha.  Well I hope everyone out there had a great holiday season full of great memories with their loved ones, (I sound so professional).  Well its 2009 and ill tell you the truth, I really feel a difference.  I mean Im a guy who’s always looking at the glass as half full but since 2009 has come along Im looking at that same glass and its over flowing.  I think everyone should feel the same way I mean life is a beautiful thing, this is probably the only time you will ever hear any life advice from Bally but here I go.  My 3 most important things for everyone out there for 2009 is 1) Don’t stress over the little things in life 2) Live every day like it’s your last 3) Always smile and have a good time because it makes other people happy when all you do is smile and have fun.  It actually takes more energy and power to be mad and sad all the time so just use less energy and be happy. Yes I know that these 3 things are things that are easy and things that have been said before, I mean Im not Dr. Bally, coming out with some new age stuff to help out the world ( not yet anyways) but I was just giving you 3 things that help me out and that I try to do on a day to day basis.

   Well enough about that stuff, I want to talk about Christmas and New years.  For me Christmas was always a time where I was just happy that I was going to get the best presents and I really didn’t care less about what anyone else got.  Well over the last 4 or 5 years or so I have turned into the guy who tries to buy the best presents for everyone else and isn’t looking forward to getting anything in return.  It’s weird how that is now but let me tell you something over the last couple years I have been more happy when my sisters or dad and mom open a gift they really like and they have a big full smile on their face.  That makes me more happy than anything.  Now new years I have always liked because it has always been the night that we all have a reason to actually stay up till 12, I mean every other night I stay up till 12 is because Im playing video games (haha).

Lastly, I am going on a cruise to the Bahamas today so I will be gone for about 4 or 5 days and you know what that means, no blogs from Bally for a little bit, I mean I could buy the internet on the ship and write while Im on, I mean I like each and every one of you but not that much haha.  And I don’t think my fiance would be too happy if I was spending my vacation time glued to the internet.  But when I come back I have some good stories stored up and Im sure I will have plenty more from the vacation, plus 2k sports has been ever so kind to donate some sports video games to me, and as a gift to you Im going to be doing some sort of game/give away, the only thing I need from you guys is ideas as to what you guys want to play, I need full ideas not just yeah I want to play haha.  So Bally Claus is coming to town, you better get ready.

   Bally Star


  1. juliasrants

    Bally – I think we all reach a point in life where the giving is so much important then the getting. Trust me – you feel that even more if and when you have children! Have a wonderful cruise – YES the fiance deserves your time! Happy New Year!


  2. spin man

    Hey Bally! For such a young guy you can sure tell you have a grip on life. Enjoy it!!! Your parents did a great job raising you.
    Way to go Tom and Sally!!! I know what you should do for next January 2010… have Ashley plan a Bally’s Bloggers Cruise ( BBC) and all of us can come and join ya. LOL Maybe the Shell’s, Lannan, Casto’s and others can go along too.
    We can have a Video game Tourney on Ship plus cool things to do with everyone. You can have Reebok, 2k and others give give aways for your winners.
    Just a thought. Sorry Ashley!!! We fans love him too. LOL
    I am sure some of us Bally’s Bloggers will help Ash with the plans as we know she is planning a wedding this year too.
    I’m in if you are going to do a Bally’s Cruise!!!
    See you at ST.

  3. natsfanme

    Great philosophy, Bally, I hope you and your fiance have a relaxing cruise. Since I am an old school fan, I am the fan who wears the black Expos hat, I’ll pass on the 2k games. If you want to play games of real skill, try pinball games, especially Addam’s Family or Apollo 13. See you in ST.

    Mike from Maine

  4. tomterp

    Collin, hope you had a great holiday! And thanks to NOTLD for posting that great shot in Wikipedia where Bally isshowing some of his secrets to a rapt audience in Nats Park last summer. As I recall, that was the 4-seamer, right?

    And in case anybody really was wondering, that is Minty Fresh’s left arm entering the doorway behind Bally.

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