Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa

Well the time has come for good old St. Nick to come to a town near you.  Well I just wanted to say to everyone who reads Bally’s Blogs that I hope you all have a Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and a wonderful holiday season and I also hope you enjoy being with all your family and have a great time, also I really hope everyone gets what they asked for from Santa.  From everyone here on Bally’s Blog (Me), we wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa and a very Happy New Year, don’t worry I will be writing on here way before new years so don’t get worried

  My plans consist of:
                                - Hanging with Family
                                - Eating lots of good food
                                - Opening gifts
                                - Battling with BAD,ICY,COLD,SNOWY,SLUSHY weather
                                - Eating more Food
                                - Resting  
    So anything else that goes on you know you guys will be the first to hear about it, so once again Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.  You guys are the best bloggers this side of the Mississippi. See ya
.  2288_santa_claus_holding_a_new_laptop_computer_gift.jpg

Santa Looking at Ballys Blog 

Bally Star


  1. booksonbaseball


    Best wishes to you for the holiday seasons…. stay healthy and keep a positive attitude and let’s kick some a** this year…

    Remember, you get to go to Yankee stadium in mid-June to throttle the billionaires.

  2. section138

    Aw, shucks. Thanks for the wishes, dude! I gotta be honest… I’m wishing we had some of that cold, snow weather here in DC.
    Have a good holiday.

  3. natsfanme

    Thanks for the holiday wishes, hope you endure the icy cold and sleet, snow and slushy weather, stay warm and healthy. In Maine the winter season just began with 14 inches of snow.

    Mike from Maine.

  4. natsfan1a

    Thanks for the blog and the holiday wishes. Hope that you have a good holiday as well.

    p.s. I grew up in California and have never gotten used to the wintry weather (especially driving in it) in many years of living in the DC area. I just tend to stay off the roads when it’s bad (that way I’m happier and so are lots of DC drivers – heh).

  5. nymetsgrrl94

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I am hoping for a visit from the Hanukah fairy. Sounds like you have fun stuff planned.
    I can’t wait for baseball to come back.

  6. spin man

    Merry Christmas. Bally, what did you get for Christmas?
    We are all looking forward to ST!
    See you then along with a bunch of other Nats fans.
    Hey, you goin on the caravan?

  7. berndaddy

    Merry Christmas Bally
    May your New Year bring an ERA below 3.00 and thrown ball low and away and bunts laid down quick and short and a move to first base… heck you don’t need any work on that you’re rockin’ already and may this next year’s planning of your wedding show you that your truiest blessing is knowing you’ve found your soulmate because beyond baseball that’s the real stuff of life. We love your humor, zest for life , live it for all of us out here my brother and don’t forget to let us know thru your blog how it feels. The good and bad, we’ll take.

  8. districtboy

    Hope your Christmas is merry, Bally! D.C. is not lucky enough to have a white Christmas or Chanukah, but luckily we didn’t get the short end of the stick (really cold but no snow). Nope, it’s 63 degrees over here. Weeiird. But apparently it’s 66 degrees in Columbus, so I guess it feels the same. Now that the holidays are over, the only thing left worth looking forward to is ST. That’s one and a half months of winter blah. [Sigh]



    Hey Bally ,

    I wanted to thank you for giving me your autograph this summer at Turner Field in ATL. It was either my National’s hat or my girlfriend’s looks which caught Luis Ayala’s attention (most likely the latter of the two) prior to the trade, and he gave me a ball and called me over to the dugout to get it signed by him and then you. That was pretty sweet.

    Anyways, I saw you mention you have a ps3, do you play any other pro buddies in video games, if so what games? I always see how athletes have Xbox’s and PS3’s but I was wondering if they play online like the rest of us and talk smack, etc.


  10. treblekicker

    Happy New Year Bally (& all Nats fans)! I hope 2009 brings 102 wins this year to make up for last year. Like asharpe, I’d like to thank you for signing a ball this summer.

    My wife and I treated ourselves to seats right behind the home dugout at Nats park on 8/16, and we bought a signed ball through the Dream Foundation. It turned out to be signed by Lannan (we call him ‘Eyebrows’, hah hah, I hope that’s not too cruel), but we managed to get a bunch of the Nats in the dugout to sign the ball too, including you, Nieves, Shell & Redding (*sniff*). Thanks for treating the fans as nicely as you do…you’re a class act.

    Thanks for a great 2008 & we look forward to seeing you at spring training and on that mound at Nats park!


  11. bally

    No problem like I said before and as I will always say the fans are why we play and its so easy to just sign and talk to the fans. I like doing it because when I was growing up going to the angels games and I loved the angels let me tell you, No one back then would sign or talk to the fans and it was sad, I kinda got a different view from that and it changed me and I told myself I never wanted to be like that and I never was. Also I wrote a nice long blog the other day and I guess the system was down or something and it froze and I was pretty mad about it ahha so there will be one up soon, im sorry for the long waits, just hang in there.

    Bally star

  12. hendo1

    Welcome to the Lost Blog Club, Bally; you’ve now paid your dues. (The same thing’s happened to me on my blog, so now I tend to write first — and SAVE! — in Notepad or TextPad, and then copy and paste to the blog host.)

    Hope you have a great New Year, free of data loss.

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