Bally Minute # 2

Well lets see its been a couple days since my last Bally’s minute, so other than just lifting weights, throwing, and crushing people in Ncaa Football online not much new. But one thing thats new is a song that has really been pumping me up while im lifting and I have been listening to about 35 times daily. Its called Just Dance by Lady GaGa and Colby O’Donis, I need everyone that looks at this blog to go download it well actually go to ITunes and buy it so you dont get in trouble (haha) its a great song and im thinking about using it as my come out song when I hit.

Also Ryan Zimmerman, Arron Boone, Nick Johnson, and last but not least John Lannan


made the cut this week, after that first week of Ballys minute who would have known that my phone gets blown
up by these guys haha, so they all read my blog after all. But yeah ill touch base on all them cause I mean they made it right? Zimmerman Aka Zim, I mean if you dont know about him then you dont know anything at all. this guy is the best third baseman in the league and one of the cooler guys too. Boone, this guy right here you can never tell if hes playing around with you or if he likes you or hates you haha, he came up to me one day and little did I know that him, Nick, Lo Duca, and Kearns were all in on this, so he comes up to me and says why were you going through my locker and I was up for about 2 weeks at this point, so I was nervous and to make a long story short he said he had a camera on me the whole time and that I better just say I went through his locker or else haha. So hes a jokester and I hope he signs back with us. Everyone already knows about Nick so I dont have to go there unless he does something out of the blue to me. Lannan, the one guy that since AA where I was looking out for him and showing him the ropes, then all of a sudden he went to AAA before me and thebig leagues and he was there for me and showing me the ropes, so Lannan and I are pretty close.



Let me know what you guys think of this new thing im doing. If you think its dumb,boring, stupid or cool,funny,interesting, just let me know because I want feedback either way. Thank you everyone I hope you enjoy
Bally Star


  1. spin man

    Bally’s going to think I am a Psycho fan, because I post first nearly every time but Its just Spinman!! I am going to say we all love the Bally Minute man section. I think He_ _ Yeah by Rev theory should be your song!! Its a great Spinning song too!! You know what I’m talkin about!!!!

    I will be really impressed when you and Ash can complete a whole class with me teaching it!! LOL ( Spinning)
    Keep up the awesome ” Bally’s Blog!!!

  2. districtboy

    I second Spinman’s opinion; The Bally Minute is awesome.
    I hope you remain a starting pitcher your whole career, but if you ever find yourself in the ‘pen, I can not think of a more intimidating beginning of a song (besides Hells’ Bells) than “Genesis” by Justice.

    BTW, if your teammates are checking out your blog, urge them to comment. That would be a monumental occasion for Mlblogs (and would be ultra cool).


  3. berndaddy

    Bally Star,

    Me gusto mucho senor Bally. Dude, you rock. Please keep up with the Bally minute and like Aaron said get you Nats brotheren to write down their thoughts here, too. The more the merrier. Either way we’ll be looking at the blog with or without them….

  4. cmm7894

    Cali have spoken to you several times on your trips through Norfolk, Va. I knew it was only a matter of time until you stuck with the big club. Best of luck this season and in the future. Good to see that the “big time” hasn’t gone to your head. Congrats on your upcoming marriage..(Well, next Keep up the great blog..It’s awesome. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  5. section138


    Yeah…gotta keep the Bally minute feature. I like to hear the stories, and how the guys act outside of baseball.
    Also, for the love of God, please keep the Nick pictures coming. That ‘stache is… something. Speaking of facial hair, did you trim your beard for Thanksgiving?
    Not sure how I feel about the tune, bro. Maybe throw up some of the more “album friendly” Phish stuff. Character Zero? (You can’t do anything like YEM or Free, cause you’d have to take 13 minutes to reach the plate.)

  6. spin man

    Hey, Phishisgr8 … aren’t we glad Bally didn’t pick “Stairway to Heaven”. It will take the ” heavens” for him to hit his first HR this year. LOL
    I do think Bally will hit one this year.
    Bally? When you doin your next Q.A. session?
    That was a cool thing to do.
    Maybe ask your teamates to ask you a few questions off line and answer them on line for us.
    Come on Boone. Shell, you too. Shell is really funny.
    See you at ST

  7. hendo1

    Sorry, Bally, I’ll take Wang Chung over Lady GaGa. Go figure. (If you play Wang Chung as your walk-out music I’ll do a somersault in Section 220. Watch for it. 8^D )

    Looking forward to many series where you and Lannan pitch consecutive nights. And this new thing you’re doing is most excellent. Keep it up; we like hearing from you, and are glad you’re having a good offseason.

  8. misschatter

    Love the Bally Minute – particularly when you use one of my photos 🙂 (tickled!)

    I tried to send you a message, but not sure it got thru – I have an idea for spring training I wanted to bounce off ya that I thought would be fun. misschatter at gmail

  9. spin man

    Hey, Happy!!! Nice video, but I hate to one up ya but what do you think about this one….
    I went to Bally’s Debut game, July 1st, 2008, against the Marlins in Miami (I live in Florida) I have been going to MLB games for 40 years and have never caught a foul ball. In the second inning , Bally threw a fastball and the batter fouled it off into the stands and the ball bounced twice right into my lap. Yahoo!!! Bally signed that one for me at a later date. But thats not all… a few innings later another foul ball came behind us and bounced three times and rolled right under my wifes seat and I grabbed it and we got our second foul ball in one game during Bally’s debut!!! I bet that has never, ever happened , during a debut game!!! The MASN ran an ad about ” Were you there” about Bally’s Debut on TV and I was in their TV ad… kind of cool. There is another interesting fact about the foul ball occurance, but that will become public at a later date. Hint ( Oct 17, 2009) LOL Touche`


    Appreciate the blog, bror.

    Been waiting for baseball to come back to DC since I moved here in ’85.

    Glad to know you and Lannan are close. If you can throw inside like he does, with your stuff — oh, man. The Glavine and Smoltz of the Nationals, if you’re cool with that.

    DC is an East Coast city, but most folks who live here weren’t born here, and Lord knows we can use some SoCal cool.

    Question for you — who catches the first pitch if Obama throws it?

  11. NatMeg

    Just Dance is amazing but have you ever heard Paper Planes by MIA? Highly suggest that you download that and listen while lifting. Also, the Bally’s Minute thing is awesome! Keep it up! Happy Holidays and I can’t wait to see you guys at ST (my first EVER)!

  12. bally

    i catch it they have already planned that all out … haha jk that would be so awesome if it was me.. but i would say it would be acta


    Bally you are too much. I love that you do Q&A sessions, and this Bally Minute feature is also very good. I’m not sure why you decided to name it that, because honestly it’s your blog, so all the minutes are yours. Your blog shines a light on the parts of baseball life we don’t get to see. Frankly, I’m a little surprised MLB lets you tell those parts, but I’m glad they do. If you’re looking for feedback, I’d offer you this: Give more details. Drill down a little more.
    You mentioned you’re doing a lot of weight lifting. What’s your workout look like?
    When you’re pitching, do weird random non-baseball thoughts ever pop up in your head? Like what?
    What’s hard about flying to the west coast for a series?
    What’s hard about the first game in DC after a west coast run?
    What else is on your iPod?
    Things like that. Or, you know, don’t change a thing.

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