Funny Stuff


    This is my new favorite video of all time. Its super funny, Colin Cowherd is a very funny guy. Check it out.  Funny Video
Thanksgiving Blog will go up tomorrow.  
 Bally Star


  1. spin man

    Bally, My response to the video, Lets say you got called up earlier than July 1st and you won all of your games except two you go 15-2 and the Phillies don’t score 7 runs off of you in less than two innings on your last outing of 2008 and you beat the Phillies and they don’t go to the World Series then the Rays win the WS and you and Longoria fight it out for the Rookie of the year honors and then… you , Lannan, and Ryan Zimmerman are asking for 8 million per and the Nats trade all of you to the Angels where you three play for a WS title in 2009 against the Nationals because the Nats signed Manny and Tex and they got the Closer , from the Angels in your guy’s trade and the Obama’s spread the wealth program has me getting your WS bonus check and Tomterp gets to keep the WS trophy for a week because Major League Baseball wants more fan participation so they are taking up the Stanley Cup Trophy pass around plan so we fans get to use the WS trophy to use as a cheese board to use during our Christmas parties and…. What a Goober fan! LOL

  2. hendo1

    What’s the big deal? Let’s say Bally wins 30 games and hits 30 home runs. Now hear me out. The market vaults to 11000, DC public schools are ranked number 1 in the nation and I wake up married to Jeanne Zelasko. Win win win. The end.

    Awesome stuff, Bally.

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