From Beaches to Snow

   Took a little vacation down to Florida last week, let me tell you there was a huge difference in weather compared to Ohio.  It was nice to get out of the cold weather and into some tropical weather.  The first thing I wanted to do is head down to the beach, I mean come on the last time I was at the beach was in CA over a year ago so I was missing it quite a bit.  So Ashley, her brother ,and I went down to the beach and let me tell you FL beaches are way different then beaches in CA.  So we get to the beach and they both lay down and get ready to soak up the sun, well not for me I mean for my whole life going to the beach has never been just soaking up the sun.  The reason why I rarely ever get sunburned is because I put on SPF 50, I mean this stuff is basically a umbrella in a bottle (haha) meaning you cant get burnt with it on.  During this weekend of fun I also road jetskis, went boating, and also got buried in the sand.  It was a very fun little get away.

  Once we got back to Ohio who would have guessed it would have been cold and snowing.  It was a rough way to get used to it from the 80 degrees everyday to 30.  But everyone who is a regular on this site knows that I get all excited for snow and act like a little kid when it snows. I really don’t know why snow makes me feel like this but it does. As always I was out playing in the snow at the first sign of a snowflake- not wearing the proper winter gear (see photo below).  So from hot to cold this last weekend was a lot of fun.
  This next week I want to do a question answer blog kinda thing, so I need you guys to ask the questions and I will answer them all in a blog.  I think it will be really fun, so go ahead don’t be shy and ask any questions you guys have from things about me, to baseball, to what’s my favorite color, etc. haha
collin burried.jpg
Me being buried
Jet skis.jpg
Bally star


  1. misschatter

    Haha, ok, what’s your favorite color? Lighthouse? (no no wait, I need to get those on video)

    I’ll come back when I think of better questions. Florida sounds great – can’t wait to get down to spring training.

    -shivering in Virginia

  2. berndaddy

    Bally – You are total Cali my brother… I love this blog. I think we truly can live the baseball life vicariously through you here. Questions, eh…

    Do you think your High School coach gave you a good foundation for pitching delivery?

    What’s it really like on those minor league buses?

    Did you ever have a roommate in the minors with bad hygene habits that made you want to through water on him while he was sleeping? IE Stinky feet… My brother roomed with me and he use to wear his sneakers out till they were hung together by the stench alone.

    Is it good being you?

    Thanks Bally

    Bernie from Reston,Va ( Grew up in Cali and I miss the beach all the time. Life isn’t the same if you can’t body surf and taste sand after a good wave, eh)

  3. spin man

    Bally, it sure looks like you had a blast! The thing all of us fans like about you is that there is a little bit of you in all of us. We get to play out our dreams of being a pro player through you and we appreciate it!

    Question#1) What is your mindset going into Spring Training if the Nats sign Odalis Perez? That would mean 3 leftys in the rotation and only 2 right hander Rotation spots “Left”. No pun intended.

    #2) What sports star would you like to meet?

    #3) Which sports star would you NOT like to meet?

    You don’t have to answer my 3rd question it is a Sarah Palin ” Gotcha” question … and no everyone, Spinman is not Katie Couric!! (?) LOL Thank God!

  4. misschatter

    Ok, I came up with more:

    1. Can you grow that beard as long/shaped as Tim Redding’s used to be? (you may need to shave your head for effect). He’s never grown his back and we need a replacement.

    2. Can/Do you play golf? Seems to be a prerequisite for the big club

    3. Do your parents follow you online and look for photos and what others are saying about you?

    4. What are your pitching goals for the coming year and beyond? (One should be to make sure people on major tv sports whos know how to pronounce your name)

    5. What are you doing workout-wise during the off-season (besides throwing snowballs)?

  5. dangernat

    1.) A lot of people when talking about building a successful team talk about having a balance of “youth” and “veterans.” Do you think the Nationals have this balance and if not, what do you think they need? How much stock do you put into “having that vet” in the rotation for guidance? Does the rotation really need that currently?

    2.) Confess: What blogs and message boards do you frequent if any? (Might I suggest: natsnq dot-com, as a shameless plug. LOL.)

    3.) Are you aware you bare a strange resemblance to Jeff Fahey in the movie “The Lawnmower Man?”

    4.) If you could work with any other pitcher in the league, who would it be?

    5.) You dressed as a lumberjack for Halloween: please say your a Monty Python fan….

    6.) Jim Bowden: On the sauce or deranged genius?

    7.) Spring Training gives fans unparalleled access to the players and it gives the players unparalleled access to the fans. How does this relationship effect the players? Are they annoyed by all the hoopla and vultures who look to get their autograph for an eBay auction or do they know it comes with the territory? What is your own idea of perfect “fan/player etiquette?”

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


    1) Are you going for the Tank Abbott “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” look with the beard?

    2) Do the starters have any rookie hazing like the bullpen’s slap the head ritual? Do any starters have to carry a pink backpack?

    3) Don’t you hate sand in your shorts? I do, that’s why no one buries me at the beach.

    4) Sharks. As a surfer, love ’em or hate ’em?

  7. section138

    Hey Collin, you give Garrett Mock crap about him being drafted before you in the 2004 draft? How about Ian Desmond?

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