Bored times in Potomac

     So i was thinking about a funny night being really bored in Potomac, VA when I was playing with the Potomac Nationals.  So me and my roomates Jeremy Plexico Aka plex $ and Steve Mortimer aka mort dog always had fun doing crazy stuff, so one night we made all kinds of funny videos of us talking weird and dancing, and stuff like that.  So plex had the video on me and I kinda just went off and just started dancing to the song -half time- by Ying Yang Twins.           So welcome into the start Bally Stars dancing and singing career.  Hope you enjoy…….   And yes this is really me haha


   Bally Star


  1. calsgr8

    Collin, Collin, Collin,

    The Potomac Nationals are in Woodbridge, VA not Potomac VA. They were called the Potomac Nationals because the owner wanted to appeal to a wider audience.

    Looking forward to seeing you pitch next year.


  2. bally

    haha yeah thats my all time favorite …. how have you seen it … thats pretty funny … i like feedback on this stuff makes it more fun

  3. section138

    Man, I’m at work now, and they block YouTube (What is this, North Korea?), so I can’t give you the exact url. The guy who posted your Ying Yang Twins video also posted your Gwen Stefani one. Just click his name (I think it relates to his nickname above – plex $), then click all videos, and you’ll see your Gwen Stefani one. He doesn’t refer to you by your name, but by a nick name from the first time or hack, or something.
    I can post a direct link when I get home from work tonight if you want. Be good, bro.

  4. NatMeg

    HAHAHA you should definitely consider a side career in dancing. that was very entertaining. by the way, according to your profile you’re a fan of the office: how do you feel about Toby coming back???

  5. bally

    Well, to tell you the truth I like toby I think he’s funny and i think they should use him a little more. But my top 5 people are. 5. Toby. 4. Pam. 3. Jim. 2. Dwight. 1. Michael Scott.

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