Just another laugh

   Check this video out, it is by far the funniest thing I have ever seen.  Hope you all enjoy it 



  1. spin man

    I am glad I wasn’t in the crowd. I would have died laughing and then got thrown out.
    Thats really funny!!!
    My wife, one time, got the giggles at a funeral kind of like ” “The Chuckles the clown scene” on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Really Funny. You are too young to know about that show but we 50 year old boggers know what I am talkin about!

  2. NatMeg

    hahaha that is by far one of the best youtube videos ever. i think the one you posted got cut off though? there is a longer version that makes the entire thing so much more hilarious:

  3. brinkman11

    That IS hilarious.

    My experience in baseball (er, played through American Legion, then my talent topped out), and life (talent has not topped out yet) is that the people with the best sense of humor do the best.

    And so, with the posting of this video, I am proud to welcome Collin Balester to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown!

    Great stuff, Bally.

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