Well, for Halloween Ashley and I went up to Perrysburg, Ohio to see some of her family and to hangout with some friends.  First off, yes I dressed up… as a lumberjack of course.   I have a pretty long beard going and it just seemed fitting.  The first thing we did was take my niece-to-be, Grace, trick-or-treating.  She was the cutest little 50’s girl you have ever seen. She is only 20 months old so she couldn’t quite say “trick-or-treat”, so she was saying “boo” to all the neighbors, it seemed to work pretty well.  We went to about 5 houses and people were looking at me as if I was some sort of freak–(I mean what 22 year old trick-or-treats any more??)  So then we went up to Bowling Green to hangout with some of our friends.  There were so many people out, and some of the better costumes I saw were: a pile of leaves, McLovin from the movie Superbad, a facebook profile page, a wheaties box, and Kim Kardashian, foam butt and all (Ashley).  All in all it was a pretty fun Halloween.

Bally and KIM.jpg

Collin and Gracie.jpg
  Also thanks to everyones feed back, I would love to hear some more questions or thoughts just let them rip and ill get back to you.. thanks everyone..
   Bally Star


  1. tomterp

    Lumberjack outfit? That stuff looks like most of what I have in my closet. Maybe that explains the looks I get when I take the mrs. out to fine restaurants.

  2. spin man

    That Tomterp guy is pretty funny!! Nice outfits you guys have on. Grace looks so cute too.
    Hey Bally I have a question for ya.

    Do the Nationals require an off season workout program for each of the guys on the 40 man or are you on your own?

  3. jeffmm


    You need to report to spring training in that outfit… but add an axe from Home Depot. No matter what, it’ll give you a certain reputation early in the season! 🙂

    Glad to see you having fun!


  4. davebinmd

    Was that just a random Redskin fan in Ohio right behind you in the McLovin picture? Also, is that pile of leaves making an obscene gesture?

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