Streak for cash

The other day one of my buddies told me about this fun game on to play. What you do is you pick who’s going to win on certain games, or who will have more points or stuff like that. You try and get 25 picks right in a row and you get a million dollars, plus the person with the most wins per month gets 2,500 dollars. This game has really consumed a huge part of my life the last couple days and I really dont see that changing anytime soon. One reason is,I mean anyone has a good and fair chance to win that million dollars, 2) its free so its not betting but it has a betting feel i guess. 3) it is really fun because it makes you feel great when you get a streak going and your heart rate will get going once you get a pretty good streak going because you can start seeing that million dollars. So go ahead put your sports knowledge to the test and start your streak today. Click here >Streak For Cash

Hope you all have fun and I hope you win the million. If i dont first : )


  1. spin man

    Bally. Great blog!! It is great to hear about all you are doing in the off season. Congrats on your engagement and Good Luck in everything you are doing. We fans are looking forward to Spring Training more than you are, if thats possible.
    We hope to see you in Viera.
    God Bless!

  2. bangzoom08

    Collin what up this is DJ. Are you sticking with the number 40 for next season? I want to get your jersey for Christmas and want to make sure you are keeping the number.

    Thanks and enjoy the offseason.

  3. bally

    Hey DJ, its Collin. Yes im gonna keep number 40. Theres something about that number i like .. so Bally will be Number 40

  4. spin man

    The Mike Pelfrey Award for Most Improved Second-Year Pitcher Goes To: Collin Balester, Washington Nationals. He’s young, turning 23 next June, and showed during his minor league stops that there is room to improve on last year’s 5.6 K/9 rate.

    They are talkin’ about cha already.
    Keep doing well in your off season training. We, the fans, expect big things out of YOU!

    Good luck!!

  5. minorleagueman

    Collin, love the blog, you are a funny dude. That beat the steak game is pretty addicting. I haven’t been able to get above a 9 pick streak, because I find myself picking stuff I know nothing about (women’s tennis?).

  6. bally

    Thank you all for the feed back… i have a few blogs coming in the near future that im sure you all will like a lot… once again thanks for all the great feed back and keep it coming …


  7. jeffmm

    Hey Collin…

    Just got tipped off to your blog… good stuff! If you’re looking for a game to soak up a ton of time try Out of the Park Baseball. My son (8) and I play a LOT… but there’s not a lot of $$$ riding on it 🙂

    Ohio will be cold but fun… right? Maybe you can try to convince your gal to spend some time where it’s warm? Or at least she could take you on up to Cleveland and see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Better go before the wind off the lake freezes you solid until spring training!


  8. districtboy

    Hey Colin, I too have just discovered your blog. It’s cool finally having a current National blogging here (hopefully next year I can say two Nats if Leonard Davis gets the call). I’m sure you don’t remember but I’m the kid who loves going to BP at NP, and snagging baseballs. I also brought a jumbo glove to a game that Luis Ayala had some fun with (not the same glove another guy brought the last day of the season). You have thrown me two balls so far, so thanks for that. But don’t hold that against me next year! 🙂 I as well have a blog here, although it’s a random blog, and not particularly about the Nats. You probably don’t want to read about how the Royals GM is dumb or that Nelson Cruz is underrated. Anyway, see you in April (most likely in the Red Porch), and tell me if you ever want me to bring the big glove again.


  9. brinkman11

    Hey Collin,

    I also just heard about the blog. It’s terrific. The golf videos are hilarious!

    As a former little league coach and current Nationals fanatic, I also saw the pix in Ohio and I want to make sure you don’t hurt your arm throwing snowballs! Baseballs only, please–we’re gonna need your arm the next 20 years, before we put you in the Washington Baseball Hall of Fame. (Or you can throw snowballs that are certified to have the same weight and dimensions as a baseball…)

    Hey, speaking of Ohio State, their star wide receiver Robiski played in Fairfax Little League–was about two years older than my kids, when his dad was coaching the Redskins. What a natural athlete–that kid could play college baseball too I bet.

    Out for now and Go Nats,


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