Bally Time

Hello Everyone,

     Well it’s the offseason now, and I have a lot of things to accomplish.  One of the new things is what you are reading right now, this is my first blog ever and I am excited to let you in on things that are happening in my life.  This will also be my first offseason away from my hometown of Huntington Beach, California.  I will be staying in Columbus, Ohio and I am sure everyone wants to know how a guy from Surf City USA ended up in Ohio.  Well there are 2 reasons:  1)The main reason is I am a newly engaged man and want to be with my fiancé, (because traveling from California to Columbus every 2 weeks was prettyy tough last offseason).  2)The other reason is that I have a personal trainer, Nate, here in Columbus.  He also worked with the Columbus Clippers part time and has a couple sweet workout facilities in town and he is going to get me jacked and ready for spring training
      Something I am not looking forward to is being in the bitter cold weather everyday.  I do however remember the first time I did see the snow and I bet everyone has the same story for that.  It was actually last offseason in Columbus: I remember looking at the weather and seeing it might be the first day for snow… Ok I’m going to paint a picture for you because I want you all to see that im just another goofy guy from CA.  So I’m watching Tv with the window blinds wide open, because im waiting for snow of course, and there’s no sign of it.  So I am about to fall asleep watching a movie (at 3 AM mind you) as I see a weird gloss on the streets. I run out of the room and scream, “IT’S SNOWING!!!!!! IT’S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!” as all my girlfriend’s roommates look at me like im a freak because being from Ohio i guess its normal to see snow, but for me it was brand new.  So here goes the funny part I am so excited to go outside that I put on my coat with no shirt on under it, 2 different shoes on with no socks, and shorts.Thumbnail image for Snow
Well anyways im excited to keep writing on here take care and I hope you enjoyed



  1. tomterp

    Collin, make sure you warm up before you throw any snowballs. That’s a voice of experience, WAY too much experience. And careful around spin man, that guy’s a nut!


  2. spin man

    Spinman is BuckNuts!!! Go Buckeyes!! Go Balester!! TomTerp doesn’t know what he is talking about!!! LOL!
    Have a great winter and we will see you at Spring Training!! Give Gracie, Rach and Ash a hug for us!!!

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